It was a celebratory day for me recently wherein I embraced many people for giving me many gifts, and if they did not give me gifts then I did not embrace them because hello where are the gifts. I expected gifts. One of the gifts included a double package of both Crooked Kingdom and Empire of Storms. Right now, I’m reading Crooked Kingdom and waiting for Kaz and Inej to do SOMETHING because the tension is killing me. But it did occur in my mind that there are little to none but mostly nonexistent love triangles which is one reason as to why I love these two series’/books.

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How Shatter Me Shattered My Soul (And Not In A Good Way)


I’m back with a book review! So I’ve dropped on my reading, but nevertheless I did come up with time to read Shatter Me. In fact, I stayed up past midnight on Friday night to finish, and I can’t really remember why. I guess it made it much easier to speed through since I was already annoyed with the whole thing and didn’t need to savor the excellency of the words and characters on each page.

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Netflix and Books Tag


I never intend to leave you dying for three weeks, I mean it. It was kind of one of those classic situations of, on week 1: I must write a blog post! Hence I am buried under work and cannot do so. On week 2: I must write a blog post! Hence I slowly die because of all the stress. But that’s okay, because when we get to week 3, and I say I absolutely must write a blog post, I sit down and do it regardless of what other things I must get done. I am a professional procrastinator. Never doubt me. Continue reading

Who Gets To Blog? All Of The Blogging Specifics And The Most Stereotyped Book Blogger Types

things bloggers should not compare their blogs on (8)

There’s this thing that goes on that bothers me SO much: when I tell someone I blog, they ask: “Wow, are you earning?” or “Are you in school…?” And the thing is, if someone really thinks I’m making money off of this derisory blog, then of course I’ll answer the question, but most of the time, that’s not what’s happening. There’s this kind of theme that bloggers are always introverts or they blog because of their five-star business, or they are internet famous or are teenagers. Continue reading

Talking About My Characters’ Looks And Also Struggling With Picking Just One Character || Beautiful People

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I’ve never been the kind of person who likes designing how a character looks. For me it’s almost as tiring as writing a first draft–I’m very indecisive so designing a character’s looks is not really my thing. What happens when I create a character goes something like this: I create a scene in my head (usually when I’m sleeping because dreams represent the best of us all) where there are characters who associate in order to do something, or it’s a scene that develops characters, and there they are!

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