8 YA Character Tropes That We All Secretly Love

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Occasionally I will read a book and fall direly in love with the characters. Most of the time, I connect with the characters but I never really fall in love with them. So when a character Will Herondale comes along, I have too much to lose. And I do, really, because when I go and read all the reviews that hate on TID or ACOMAF (why do I be so cruel to myself), I find myself reasoning that, yes, the characters are overrated a little, yes, they’re not exactly original, but still, YES I’M STILL IN FREAKING LOVE WITH THEM. So why don’t I just explain?

We can all reason with ourselves about book characters. It’s not hard to do. Sometimes I wonder why I love Will so much, even though, I have to admit that he’s selfish, he’s the opposite of pragmatic, he’s egotistical and sometimes he’s a bit overly sour.

And the same applies to Rhysand: at times I cannot stand him. He becomes too cruel, too narcissistic, and too uncontrollable to the point where I just tire of reading all of the scenes.

BUT YOU GUYS. I still love these two characters like nothing else. I do love Will a heck of a lot more, but I admire them both, and it’s literally yin and yang. There’s good and there’s bad and you can’t have one without the other–but us bookworms are different.

We don’t value the good and accept the bad and all that trash–we are looking for perfect. When we read a book, we are looking for perfect all the freaking way. So it’s really no surprise that when the majority of YOUR favorite bookish friends or the community in general think a little less of a character than you do–it’s okay for you to see all the bad and then reason.

But once you love a character, you can’t un-love a character. It’s like with humans, almost. But more. 😉

And therein, the following feature presentation will be discussing with you our–or atleast my–favorite character tropes to secretly, scandalously love.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm


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Processed with VSCO with f2 presetdotted-copy-2If we’re all completely honest here, this is the best kind of character. They’re often witty but kind of premature, like they haven’t exactly grown into themselves yet. I could supply you with Dany Targaryen, for one, or even Jon Snow. They’re our favorites, of course, but it all depends on whose point of  view you’re looking from. If it’s from Tyrion’s, Snow and the North is a target and an enemy. If it’s from Cersei’s–well, the whole world is all the more for her to reinforce herself against.

But really, we all think of villains as bad, bad people. Jon Snow has done a quite a bit of killing and betraying. Dany has done even more killing and possibly hoarded charges of even animal cruelty, slavery, and illegitimacy.

BUT THAT’S NOT STOPPING THEM FOLKS. And it’s certainly not stopping us from loving them.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

dotted-copy-4Can I say this is almost a little adorable? I mean, I’m all for the grey characters with the angsty-ness and all the personal troubles of an ordinary human. I’m even more for ‘villain-ized’ characters who are kind of–well, they have both a yin and yang, but I guess the yin is quite prominent.

I understand I already presented to you a Game of Thrones example? BUT HAHA NO AM I GOING TO DO IT AGAIN HAHA YES.


Let’s be honest. Dany and Jon are heroes who’ve done some pretty bad things. They could be considered as villains, but really, Tyrion? He’s used women in the world’s oldest profession, he inspires terror in people, he is generally distrusted, his mouth isn’t the cleanest, he aspires to possibly kill everyone including his siblings, and then that other spoiler I won’t reveal. TYRION IS A BAD BOY.

But Tyrion cares, you know? Otherwise why would we all love him?screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

dotted-copy-3KESTREL KESTREL KESTREL FROM THE WINNER’S CURSE. This literally may be the most feminist book I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m not even kidding, folks. THE WINNER’S CURSE DESERVES PRIZE MONEY. Even though the author, I’m sure, has already had huge success?

Anyhow, Kestrel, let me say, is not exactly the most skilled with weapons. Or warfare. Or fighting of any sort. She is, simply stated, possibly the most intelligent character I’ve ever read about in all these years. I think enough has been said there, because bodies deteriorate. Minds do not.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pmdotted-copy-7HEYYY RYLE KINCAID. But that’s only if you’ve read It Ends With Us. I won’t spoil anything about Ryle, but he definitely is twisted and adorable. I mean, he’s not necessarily someone I want to go on and spend the rest of my life with, but. HE IS STILL A HEARTBREAKER. The amount of near-perfection his face is amounts to the amount of magic in the universe.


These types of characters are generally, well, if I put it this way–hidden. They’re not exactly very put out as a whole in the beginning, because there’s always something more, and not just something, but everything more that is yet to be discovered of their character.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

dotted-copy-5Fine. You all knew I had to involve Will Herondale because without him, nothing is ever complete you guys. Just like how I can’t retain my good-natured humor in person just because even though I’m very sociable, it sounds better typed. Good? Good.

Really, the ‘playboy’ types are definitely the most overrated. I would say they’ve been done just about a thousand times so far and the aliens on Neptune have even heard of them across the galaxy, because that is just about how loud the readers scream every time they come upon a character like this.

But then there are those exceptions, and we all know it. Those very rare exceptions, that weren’t supposed to steal into your heart because you expressly told them not to be so charming. BUT INSTEAD THEY WENT AND BECAME EVEN MORE CHARMING.

Hmph. It’s not the story of my life, y’all, and it’s not the story of me and Will. I refuse to admit anything.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

dotted-copy-8If you have no idea who I’m talking about right now when I say this–well, I sincerely apologize and then I ask what you’ve been doing for the past year? LIVING ON NEPTUNE WITH THE ALIENS WHO THINK PLAYBOYS ARE OVERRATED? I won’t judge you.

Aelin. Ashryver. Galathynius. Now, I scream a ton about Rhys and how magnificent and glorious Rhys is. BUT SEE, RHYS AND HIS ACOTAR TRILOGY DO NOT COMPARE WITH THE THRONE OF GLASS.

There’s so much more complexity in the series! But anyways, the queen of all and everything has a hard time being the queen of all and everything. It’s a story, folks. They’re fabricated to be uber dramatic this way. They’re fabricated to kill off everyone you love and leave you with nothing but a broken nose because when that one character dies and your arms go weak because YOU CAN’T HOLD UP THIS FAT BOOK ANYMORE AFTER ALL THIS TRAUMA.

But mostly, the queen of all and everything survives the most drama, and you know, if only she didn’t have a heart and could let go of everyone like money when I buy books, life would be a lot easier.

Seeing a character struggle with their complicated heart is always kind of stereotypical…but also endearing at the same time, or is it just me?screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

dotted-copyCan this be my favorite ever? I’m not a fan of heroes, let me tell you that. And I’m all ready and set to go and fall in love with a villain (DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID WITH THE READY SET GO AHAHAA), but sidekicks and important side characters–they’re really the most adorable, twisted people to read about.

Heroes don’t exist in real life. It’s as simple as that. No one is saving the world, and no one is defeating evil while doing it. In fact, I’m pretty sure more people have caught evil and could be diagnosed with it that don’t even know.

And that is exactly why I’m in love with good sidekicks. Not because I hate heroes or evil is spreading or whatever else I said up there that didn’t make sense (take your time. you have a rather large selection to choose from), but because I’ve been one for my whole life. And for a good chunk of my life, I wanted to be the hero so badly. I wanted to be the person who was good at everything, who was topper on all ranks, who was respected by everyone and topped on the lists for every single sport, and every single academic course.

I couldn’t do it all. But you know the worst part? Watching one of my good friends do it all. She was perfect at everything, and she wasn’t bad-looking or anything–she was skilled in everything you could think of, and had respect from everyone. YES I WAS ENVIOUS. OF COURSE I WAS ENVIOUS. I’m just that kind of terrible person.

So you know, one day, I thought, I’m not the hero. She’s the hero. I’m just another sidekick. I’m just completely useless.

I’m still never satisfied with myself, and that’s a trait that only people who come second always have. So the sidekick who is always sarcastic and witty like me to hide their true mental exhaustion and misery–I relate to them, and yes, characters like that do exist in real life.

And again, yes, I do think they should be allowed to be bitter and crabby every once in a while.

After all, they are the sidekick, whether they’ve acknowledged it or not. But what they often do acknowledge–is that they really wanted to be the hero. And they just couldn’t. And that’s why I love them–because they’re imperfect, but they’re still fulfilling.

Atleast, to me.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

dotted-copy-6Unfortunately, I’m one of those writers who handpicks a few tropes out of all the books I’ve read, and falls desperately in love with them. This is a good example of a trope I will ALWAYS SUCCUMB TO.

Literally, I could care less if you are the rudest, most hostile (actually I might care a little) person of ever, but if you the most heartbreaking, touching backstory, then I will probably genuinely cry, which I never do much, or forgive you instantly.

HAHAHAAA. I’m not a forgiver. I’m a professional holder of grudges. Some people hold records and titles. I hold grudges. But really which is more impressive? Grudges obviously.

Because here comes my Rhys. I was actually considering using Rowan for this example, but then I realized that, ahem, Rowan may or may not have emotionally abused Aelin at the beginning of Heir of Fire, but then again, so did she whether she knew what she was doing or not–because like her, Rowan was in a dark place, too. BUT YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE DOES IT. So Rowan and Aelin cancel each other out, and what do you have left? RHYSAND MY GOD RHYSAND.

He’s undoubtedly one of the strongest male characters I’ve ever read. Apart from being attractive to every real and fictional man and woman ever, he’s complex, his backstory when compared to his title and who he is–it’s realistic. But then, if you have not read ACOMAF yet, AND WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING BECAUSE ACOWAR RELEASES IN MARCH I THINK WHICH WE WILL SCREAM ABOUT OBVIOUSLY–then you haven’t read Rhys’ huge confession dump, but that’s alright.

It was touching in all the right areas of my tiny, inscrutable, rude, highly-fortified little heart. SO NOW THIS LITTLE HEART REFUSES TO LISTEN TO ME AND GOES AND FALLS IN LOVE WITH THIS TOUGH COOKIE WITH THE BEST SOB STORY BACKGROUND EVER.

Rhys does exist somewhere, possibly? But Feyre doesn’t. She doesn’t. And if she does, not for long 🙂 RHYS IS MINE. And maybe yours if you love him too. Custody can be shared insert laughing n crying emoji because it’s my lifescreen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-07-07-pm

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