Who Gets To Blog? All Of The Blogging Specifics And The Most Stereotyped Book Blogger Types

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There’s this thing that goes on that bothers me SO much: when I tell someone I blog, they ask: “Wow, are you earning?” or “Are you in school…?” And the thing is, if someone really thinks I’m making money off of this derisory blog, then of course I’ll answer the question, but most of the time, that’s not what’s happening. There’s this kind of theme that bloggers are always introverts or they blog because of their five-star business, or they are internet famous or are teenagers.

And of course, you know I can’t let selective themes like that go on without commenting about them.

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This has forever annoyed me, because do you know something? I am an extrovert. I am the MOST extroverted extrovert. You might even call me the extrovert of all extroverts, because I love people. I am a people person for sure. If you meet me on the street and call out, “Oh dearest Darth Veda and possible Hermione Granger #2!” then I will turn around and start a very interest conversation with you.

I swear, hundreds of book bloggers especially carry their about pages with a form of this statement: I write this blog to rant because I’m a very shy person in general, so please reach out to me.

Or something like that.

And I have NO problem if you are an introvert, but what I feel disappointed in is that when extroverts see this, they decide not to blog. I mean, if you love reading, or something like that, then you should totally blog. It doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert or not, you should get to blog if you want to and you love to.


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There are tons of blogs where the blogger behind it is either A) looking to be hired for something or B) they are starting a blog to get publicity on their business or C) their blog IS their business.

And you know something? Book blogging really is the minority in the blogosphere. There are tons of other minorities too, but since I am a book blogger, let me focus on how this always nags at me.

I want to ask why it’s so hard for people to accept that people blog because they want to? Like, you tell someone that you blog because you love books, okay, suddenly that’s not that normal, it’s just weird. But then if you tell them that you’re making money out of it, then it’s like, oh, okay, that’s a job, well, that’s cool.

Why can’t people just blog because they want to? Because they have a passion and a soft spot for what they blog about and they want to talk about it?

The whole economics and marketing area has taken over internet blogging, and I’m not averse to using your blog as a half for your business, but once again, when people who want to blog but don’t need to make money out of it try it out and realize how much they are part of a minority, they can choose not to continue to blog all because they’re not part of the bigger norm.


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There’s this thing going on where some people think it’s abnormal when an adult or a tween decides to read YA Fantasy, and parallel to that, there’s this thing where people think it’s abnormal when an adult or tween decides to have a book blog.

And why exactly, is that? Why is it so strange if someone who’s not a teenager wants to have a book blog?

People consider tweens to be in the age where they should be all about schooling, and they also consider adults to be all about work and productivity rather than things for personal enjoyment, such as book blogging. But teenagers? They’re the spotlight of perhaps every YA book in this literature period and lead very dramatic, important lives.

Of course, I have no aversion to teenagers having book blogs, I just feel like since about 85% of the book blogging community is made up of teenagers, adults and tweens feel as if they cannot fit or are too old/young to book blog.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Book blogging cannot be limited to an age or a type of person. It simply revolves around one thing: a person’s love for books. And regardless of age, if you love books, then there should be no reason you are shying away from the thought of having your own book blog.


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So yes. I am a proud American, and I love my country. I love the US. But I cannot deny that the US, being the major first-world country, has so many blogs (not limited just to book blogs) that people from other places in the world prefer not to vie for a blog even if they want to blog.

See the theme here in this post? Having significant majorities makes minorities prefer not to blog, which may or may not be opposite to their opinion.

I’ve seen SO MANY blogs from the US. Then I’ve seen quite a few from Australia and the UK, and a handful from Canada, but aside from that…? I have yet to see handfuls of people start a book blog from India, or South Africa, or South America, or even East Asia.

Now let me repeat. If you WANT to have a book blog, then HAVE ONE. If you want to work hard and you genuinely want to run a blog and reach out to people, there should be nothing stopping you. I could even say that I have hundreds of thousands more competition here in the US. If you are in one of the non-first world countries or a different part of the world, you might have less competition or it might set you apart. Remember, if you want to do something and you are doubting yourself, remind yourself of everything spectacular about starting this blog of yours.


Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.11.05 AM

Let me be specific: Josie from Josie’s Book Corner recently started her new gorgeous blog that makes me want to either cry or hack at my keyboard because I’m so jealous and it’s so prettyyyy blog. She specified that this was because she felt like she had always wanted to blog beyond books and into life and religion but wasn’t able to do that on her blog.

See, when you hear the term ‘book blogger’ the only thing people think of is books. They don’t think of writing (much atleast), they don’t think of art, they don’t think of life oh how deep, they think of just books.

And the thing is, once you start a book blog, it really is kind of hard to incorporate another major topic into your blog unless you start your blog saying that you are going to be a lifestyle/book blogger.

There are actually very few bloggers out there who are able to maintain blogs and balance topics of travel, life, books, writing, and much else. But for me, it’s quite impossible. As I do incorporate a life post once in a while, I blog much more about writing and reading and that sort of thing, because even though there’s this tiny part of me that maybe would like to one day incorporate maybe a bit of lifestyle into my blog, but right now I feel like that would just be unbalanced.

This is probably because the norm is that a book blog is JUST a book blog. But I have yet the same thing to say: if you want to maintain a book/travel/food/religion blog or something of the sorts, go for it. It will set you apart, and it will make you happy with your blog, and really, that’s the only thing that matters.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 2.46.51 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.10.19 PM


Everyone should get to blog if they wish, and they shouldn’t be ‘out of the ordinary’.

So I guess I just repeat what I stressed because that’s number one rule of marketing: repeat what you want to be the focal point in your audience’s mind/absorption of your presentation.

It’s as simple as this: would you rather have a blog and be happy with it or have no blog and be unhappy about that? Or something along those lines….so if you want to have a blog and you are an extrovert, go for it. Be loud and happy and be rambunctious when you blog hop and come make friends with me.

If you want to have a blog but you don’t live in the US, then let me tell you, NOBODY CARES. Of course, I mean that in the politest, most sincere way, but it’s the truth. If you live in Japan and literally you want to blog, go for it. People don’t love you because you might be an Australian, they love you because of how you act on your blog.

The thing is, there’s so much potential that everyone has and if you never to try to blog because your too scared or you don’t fit into the majority, you’ll never know how much success or joy you might take from blogging. Blogging is work but it’s also really fun! And legitimately, I am blogging about blogging being fun, so I think you can take my word for this 😉

And remember, you don’t have to fit into the majority at all. SO MANY people run a lifestyle blog, food blogs especially, perhaps art/lit is the minority, and travel blogs, but remember, don’t be scared of not fitting into a majority.

THAT’S NEVER THE PROBLEM. Blogging is not something that is set in stone that can be limited, it is a very fluid thing. You can’t limit blogging to just something adults/teenagers can do, if you are somewhat a youngster and you want to go start yourself a blog, then go for it, if you really want to.

Do what you love and what makes you happy, and if running a book blog that is also partially a lifestyle blog while being an extrovert and a 31 year old and doing it for your enjoyment is what makes you a happy person, then keep on keeping on.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.39.31 PM

-Do you fit into any of those stereotypes? If so, which one?

-What is one of those stereotypes that gets on your nerves? I’m always a little angsty about the ‘introvert’ thing, with all due respect, of course.Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.10.19 PM


One thought on “Who Gets To Blog? All Of The Blogging Specifics And The Most Stereotyped Book Blogger Types

  1. I fit 3 of these stereotypes. I’m an introvert, a teenager and an “only book blog.” Not gonna lie I mostly blog because it’s the easiest way to get my love of books across and I have no interest in broadening my horizons above book blogging (at least not yet), however, I love this post! I can see how all of these apply and I was especially interested to hear your thoughts on being an extrovert among (mostly) introverts.

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