Authors I Would Happily Take Another Book From

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This is not the first time I’ve begun writing a post and don’t know what to say. Nevertheless, here I am, simply typing whatever comes into my mind, which is a VERY bad idea, but obviously I don’t recognize that because I’m still typing.

All bookworms have a favorite author. And there are certain authors who we would love a dozen more books from.

I was brainstorming how to write this post (well, I was also watching HGTV), and at the beginning, I could only imagine naming my classically favorite authors that EVERYONE loves. But I realized, that for some of them, I love the book they wrote more than the generalization of their writer-ness. Like Rick Riordan? I love Percy Jackson, and the HoO but I don’t want another book from him right now because it’s not going to be about what I fell in love with that he wrote.


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~I will be linking up to Top Five Wednesday today for this post. It is run by Sam (basically click the name and go scan through her booktube because it’s wonderful) and it was created by Lainey who’s channel is also wonderful. Join the Goodreads group to get a more detailed explanation, but basically once you join the group, you are given a prompt and you create a response post in which you list your top five response points to the prompt~

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1. JK Rowling

This was obviously my first on the list because I am an extreme Harry Potter fan and The Cursed Child has definitely got me excited. I loved Harry Potter because it was the story that introduced me to life in a time (an ancient time) when I did not care much for the printed word. It changed me. And this time, I’m not just speaking about Harry Potter as a book series, I’m speaking about JK Rowling as a person. Her words are motivational and moving, and if you want to know exactly how much Harry Potter has made a difference and would continue to impact my life upon yet another book, read my about page because I think that explains things well.

And anyhow, if The Cursed Child could be written and published after SO MANY years after the publication of the Deathly Hallows, then what’s not to say that another book could come out in a few more years?

Read her website.


2. Renee Ahdieh

She’s new to me, but she’s definitely not unappreciated. I completely love the way Renee Ahdieh writes, it’s as if there is a real story playing out before my eyes instead of her telling a story that she wrote. And yes, I feel no shame practically promoting Renee Ahdieh (hopefully) to all these readers. Her duology is BRILLIANT and if she even maybe considered writing a third book to her duology, I would be super stoked.

Read her website.


3. George R. R. Martin

Okay, so I know that he still has The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring coming out, but IT IS TAKING SO MUCH TIME TO WRITE #6. It’s killing me. I’m already a good way through A Feast For Crows, so after that horrid novel, I think I’m just going to speed through A Dance with Dragons, and my heart will be broken. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. I hope maybe Martin can write something else because I read somewhere that he might not finish the series AND I WILL PERMANENTLY BE HEARTBROKEN IN THAT CASE. Read the article here.

Read his website.


4. Marie Rutkoski

I am a ginormous sci-fi geek, and I will turn into a rat for a great, original novel about strong, deeply complex women and men who create an amazing story. And you know what? After seeing a thousand and one Katniss’ hybrids, I was stunned and finally happy to have yet another strong, imperfectly perfect, complex main character when I came across physically incapable, mentally astounding Kestrel. She is, in all honesty, the kind of person that I would like to be. More strategically, mentally gifted, and not necessarily pretty at all, but kind of innocent and learned but also not-knowing at the same time. And the ship? It made the whole series for me.

The thing is, Marie Rutkoski is the only author I’ve seen brave a main character who is not perfected physically, who is not fearless, who is not forever armed and skilled with her weapons–she is realistic, more realistic than most of the great fantasy novels I’ve seen to date.

Read her website.


5. Maggie Stiefvater

Finally, I must include Maggie Stiefvater. I MUST. She is brilliant. If you have not read her books yet, I command you to. While the Wolves of Mercy Falls isn’t really that great IMO, the Raven Cycle is nearly the best series I’ve ever read ever. Gansey and Blue, AND PYNCH OMG PYNCH, and Rowan–they’re all so complex and misunderstood and realistic and human and unnatural. And they’re real. They’re completely real to me. Rowan, and Gansey, and Blue, and Adam–they’re like my friends, they’re real and throughout the book series, I’ve grown to care for them like I’ve grown to slowly care for my little sister after living with her all through my youngster years.

Read her website.
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-What are some of your favorite authors? At that, what do you like most about theme? And what are some of the books they’ve written that you particularly enjoyed and would recommend? And out of the authors I chose, who do you like best, and have you read any of them?

-Have you read any of these authors? JK Rowling might be a giveaway, but have you read a book from any of the others. If you have, then tell me which one is your favorite! Be sure to leave me a link to your T5W if you did one!

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4 thoughts on “Authors I Would Happily Take Another Book From

  1. I really want to read The Song of Ice and Fire books but if he isn’t going to finish them, that would be devastating. Especially because so many people have read them and have waited so patiently for them to be released. Also, you take such lovely Bookstagram photos!

    1. I really want to read The Song of Ice and Fire books but if he isn’t going to finish them, that would be devastating. Especially because so many people have read them and have waited so patiently for them to be released. Also, you take such lovely Bookstagram photos!

      You should totally read ASOIAF! It’s a great book series. It’s so complex and deep beyond any books I’ve ever read, it’s something that has so much detail and layers to the story that it feels like a real, medieval tale is playing out before your eyes.
      If I knew GRRM wasn’t going to finish them, I probably wouldn’t have started the reading the series. It’s been on my TBR for a long time, but even though I would have been turned off. Literally SO MANY people have invested themselves into the series because of how spectacular it was written. It feels like something real, not a story. It took five years after the publication of A Feast For Crows for A Dance with Dragons to be published. 5 YEARS! And the fan following is humongous, despite all the wait. It just goes to show how spectacular the whole thing is.
      Thank you for your compliment! That means a lot since I haven’t run my bookstagram for a while and there are a lot of bookstagramers who are far more skilled than I am. Hopefully I’ll just get better along the way! 💞

    1. The Wrath and the Dawn is a spectacular book! You should definitely read it soon.
      I don’t know some of the authors on your list, but I would definitely agree with Jandy Nelson and Kody Keplinger. However, I can’t say the same about Nicola Yoon baize I didn’t enjoy Everything, Everything at the slightest. I guess it just didn’t live up to the hype, and I went in with a lot of expectations. 💝

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