How To Generate And Maintain Your Confidence As A Writer

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Bookworms would rather read than do anything else. Forget the snowball fights in winter, forget childish leaf-pile cannon-balling, forget the pools and the water parks during summer; I’d much rather be reading a good book. I consider this summer to be one of the best reading summers I’ve had to date. And not in the sense that I’ve gotten a lot of reading done. I mean, in the sense that I’ve read some terrific books.

I’ve read a lot of books lately, and most of them end up being 4-stars or even 5 because FOR SOME REASON EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL. And then of course when I go to write, I end up comparing my writing skill to those authors which, in the end, brings me down. So I’m going to present to you five of my ways to keep your confidence being the writer you are.


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1.Write more

I remember, I wrote stories since I was a very young girl (of maybe 7?) and when I read Harry Potter, I would worry at my mother with my complaints that I wasn’t as good a writer as J.K. Rowling.

Well, you’re probably thinking: “J.K. Rowling has a degree and she’s a qualified writer whereas a 7 year old child can very much beg to differ.” Let me tell you, I knew that I couldn’t compare myself to Rowling at that age. So why did I complain?

I complained because I thought, that even though I couldn’t compare myself to her at that age, I wouldn’t ever be able to write as well as her.

My lovely mum told me that I would end up being nowhere near as spectacular a writer as J.K. Rowling if I stunted writing then. And that’s what’s been keeping me writing to this day: knowing what I will someday be.

I’m so happy that this strange man who I don’t know dances with his laptop just like me 😀


2. Be comfortable with mistakes and weaknesses

Someone who is constantly afraid of their own writing therein their own mistakes is considered an insecure writer. Insecurity degrades the presence of confidence, so if you’re afraid of messing up with your writing, of not having the best story ever, and of not being skilled or good at writing certain things, then you won’t be a very confident writer.

A way to do this is to mentally list out all the mistakes you have made, writing, and all the mistakes you potentially could make. After that, ask yourself this question.

What is so awful about making these mistakes? Compared to what does this seem terrible?

It’s a method I enforce throughout all of my life. I’m a very worrisome person: I pay attention to all the small things and strive to make everything as perfect as I can make it. Therefore, whenever I’m worried or don’t want to do something, I ask myself compared to what.


3. Remind yourself of your own talents outside and alongside writing and why your novel is excellent

If you aren’t confident in your writing, you end up entering writer’s block and relying on other people to read your novel and generate the self-esteem that you should normally have.

I, myself, have gone through multiple writer’s blocks, and what always brings me back to writing is everything that I’m so good at when looked at next to other people. Everyone is to their own, and so if I am astonishingly skilled at writing sorrowful chapters and sorrowful characters, and I am struggling to write an impeccable action scene, then I always remind myself of how talented I am in other areas.

This is always applied everywhere: when children struggle with school, when teenagers struggle with not being EMOTIONS EMOTIONS TOO MUCH life at that crazy prehistoric period of time. Even when you are an adult, you naturally remind yourself of all the things you are great at when you’re going through a hard time.

It’s the natural instinct of the human brain, to look forward to and remind yourself of all the good things to keep you going through the bad things. “You have to go through the bad days if you ever want to get to the good ones.”



4. Don’t accept yourself for the writer you are now, only accept yourself for the writer you can be

When I was a little girl, I was a spoiled, spoiled bean. I would be irked by the smallest things and shout if I didn’t get what I wanted. I was spoiled so much, I went to fancy schools and wore fancy frocks and basically was an arrogant, barbie-loving child.

Then when I started to go into higher studies, secondary school and such, it got so hard for me to run and jump and be active with all the other kids and not rather sit and wear my pressed frocks. (you’d think that since I’d been doing taekwondo since I was a child of 5, it might help me be active NO ACTUALLY YOU CAN’T JUMP BACK KICK A VOLLEYBALL I’VE TRIED)

My coach would tell us (or rather yell at us, he was very loud and active and motivational and basically brilliant) everyday, to work hard and show that we really wanted to achieve our goal. He would say that he could never accept us for the person we were at that point, because we weren’t the best we could possibly be.

Being a confident writer means setting goals with your writing and your novels and being sure to achieve them and put in the effort required without doubt. Obviously, we’re all human and we can’t always be confident. JOHN, NERVES EXIST BRO.

People get doubts, people get nervous, people become insecure–it’s all very natural. But if you are a complete tangle of cheesecake and sad songs, then you aren’t the writer that you could be, at your absolute best.

Giving up writing is never willful unless you give up at the height of your novel’s popularity, at the height of your success as an author. When you give up because of hardships through time and commitments and all the other things that can obstruct you from being able to write, you are not doing so willfully.

Don’t accept yourself for the writer you are right now, if you haven’t written a thousand bestselling novels and have a crazy huge fan following and literary agencies begging to publish your book. You have to only accept yourself for all of your potential as an author with skill at writing YA/NA/MG/Adult novels, all the work you could put into developing your writing and thoughts and story-lines, all of the patience, all of the resilience, and all of the person that you can be.


5. List out everything that you’ve accomplished up to date

Keep your self-esteem goin’, John. It’s as easy as that. I know your name might not be John and it might be Daisy, but whoever you are, I’m sure that you have accomplished writing anything, or improving your writing if you are a writer.

I’ll tell you a secret: sometimes, when I feel KNOW THAT I’M CURRENTLY DOING THE HARDEST THING EVER, I remind myself that I’ve accomplished many things, a lot of them harder than whatever is panicking me at the moment.

And here’s another secret since mostly I just adore you but also you’ve dealt with me calling you John throughout today OH THE TRAUMA: Writers stay confident when they are writing a new novel by looking at all of the books they’ve successfully published/written with a lot of hard work. Sarah J. Maas is probably writing Empire of Storms like WHO DO I KILL NOW WHO SHOULD AELIN FALL IN LOVE WITH NEXT ALL THE QUESTIONS OMG WHAT SHOULD I DO and then she’s like: I published like 34 6 bestsellers so I can probably write this too, like easy peasy. HAHAHA I’M JOKING SHE’S PROBABLY NOT AS CONCEITED AND HAS BETTER GRAMMAR.

Honestly, people surprise themselves. Obviously I have short-term memory so this listing thing makes me happy for two reasons: OMG I ACCOMPLISHED STUFF LIKE WOW I’M SURPRISED and also I’M GOING TO ACCOMPLISH ANOTHER THING AFTER ALL THIS CRYING??! Oh, I’m so proud.


Take note that as a writer and as a person, being thoroughly confident in yourself and everything about you can help you a lot: people are naturally attracted to confident people.

Why? Because they get noticed. IF YOU ARE A PAUPER IN THE CORNER PEOPLE WILL NOT SEE YOU OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE ONLY SEEING THE PRINCE OVER THERE, JOHN. So basically wear a crown whenever you write.

If you are a confident writer, speaker, and person in general, I can promise you that you will get 98% more ARC’s, beta readers, and you will have an easier journey getting a literary agent.

Often times a person who acknowledges both their strengths and their weaknesses throughout their novels and their accomplishments and their failures throughout their writing journey in a positive, motivational tone will have a far more sure-footed life as a writer.

Notice that it’s alright to be a little dependent on people such as your beta readers or agent or annoying sibling who is nagged until they read your story, but being confident means being able to stand on your own two feet. Don’t be continuously looking for praise or compliments, and don’t worry when you receive criticism. Being a confident writer isn’t about doing everything right, it’s about being able to deal with everything you encounter and still stay standing.



-Tell me if you are a writer! What is your area of strength as a writer when you write a novel? Romance? Action? Comedy? What genre do you write?
Let me know if you, for some reason, write about miserable, passionate characters but then binge on cheesecake (email list email list email list it ppl) because AW DANG NOW YOUR CHARACTER BILLY BOB JOE HAS MADE YOU VERY SAD. I complain about miserable Billy Bob all the time.

-What are some accomplishments that you are proud of achieving (if not as a writer, than as a reader or a blogger)?

-Have you ever gone through a writer’s block (or reading slump)? How did you deal with it, and more importantly how did you maintain your self-esteem?

-Finally, do you consider yourself to have appropriate self-esteem and to be confident person? (writer, reader, blogger, sibling, all that)

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7 thoughts on “How To Generate And Maintain Your Confidence As A Writer

  1. This was such an inspirational post! Sometimes it is difficult to keep the spirits up when you are in a writing slump, but those were amazing and really helpful tips about how to keep the spirits up 💕 Thank you!

    1. Ayeeeeee thank you! You are so sweet srsly. It’s always a struggle to keep writing no matter whether you are in a writing slump or if you have lost inspiration or motivation. Aww YW!! Ilysm Kat, you’re always so kind. I hope your writing has been going splendid 💝

  2. Right now I am writer who is not confident in their abilities =(

    I feel like my stories suck, and I have the stats to prove it. I used to write on Wattpad, and after a year and a half, the most I got was 65K reads on my stories. So many authors got like 100K – 1M reads on their work, and that was just one book.

    Right now I write romance, but I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably never write a popular or well-known story. It’s depressing, but there is nothing I can do about it.

    1. I’ll tell you the truth, I didn’t know how to answer your comment for a while. But let me tell you one thing, Akaluv.

      J.K. Rowling was honestly, about homeless when she hand-wrote the first Harry Potter book. The only reason she got it published was because she had to remain confident and keep a strong mindset. You say you use to write on Wattpad and got, at most, 65K reads. Rowling got maybe two or three. And this goes for so many other authors who were trying to get agented and into the department.

      I have never written on Wattpad, so I don’t know the averages per person for stats. But let me tell you, 65K sounds like a heck of a lot to me. The other authors you must be comparing yourself to probably have been writing on Wattpad longer than you, or something else that you will achieve along the way.

      If you quit writing now, and if you continue to have no faith in your writing–well, there will be a day when you regret that because if you do continue, there’s going to be a day when you are very proud of your work. If you think that it is factual that you’ll never write a bestselling story, then you are instilling that depression in yourself. You are WORTH more.

      I went to your website and I read some of your writing: the story about Lara being an angel and the scene which depicts that between her and Lucifer. And let me tell you, being a writer myself, your stories do not suck.

      But in the end, there’s going to be many people who will tell you something the likes of what I just told you. And so what I say to you now will not be of any importance ever unless you act on it. Everyone can continue to try to motivate you all they like, but in the end it will never matter. Because all that will ever matter, is what you choose to do. You must get through the bad days to ever reach the good ones, Akaluv. I hope you change your mind about your writing. Because it is only, and I say only, you who can change your opinion.

      much love 💞

      1. I understand, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. Yes, J.K. Rowling overcame a lot. I watched the story about her life, and it was amazing how far she came after dealing with her ex-husband who abused her. Anyway, I guess 65K is a lot, but yeah, I did compare myself to other Wattpad writers a lot.

        Quitting is a big decision. I agree that if I quit now, I won’t know the road untaken. And yes, truer words were never written. Someone can tell the person your writing isn’t bad, but it’s up to that person to keep on going. Thanks for the encouragement and helping me to find resolve. It means a lot to me.

      2. Hey, you keep going. You’ll never know successful you could be if you don’t keep writing. I promise you, everyone goes through a stage where they feel like your writing sucks, but don’t worry about it, you’ll develop. I have faith.

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