A Few Things That You Might Want To Know About Me Since I am an unknowable creature (except for when I’m not (except for all the time)

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Tbch I am not an interesting person–you see, I put it out there. I’m just not! I’m quite the average person…outwardly. As everyone is to their own, I am to myself, but I’m not as interesting as some other bloggers out there who lead very interesting lives* but I suppose I do have my own quirks. Usually in this situation (when conversing with a non-bookish human), I, the bookworm creature, usually uses ‘owning a book blog’ and ‘being an insanely insane bookworm’ to make myself sound very important and well-rounded and iconic. So we’ll see about this.

(Honestly tho, I’m not too sure what I meant when I said ‘So we’ll see about this’ like a completely prepared, mature person so basically I was being a different person. *sigh* I should be an actor I’m so dramatic omg) We’ll see what awes you. I bet you there’s going to be 0-1** awing things on this list. NAW. I’VE JUST BEEN JOKING THIS WHOLE TIME I’M SUPER INTERESTING HA HA. (We’ll see *insert mouthless noseless (even though emojis never have noses) emoji*)

* WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK (not like Rihanna but like a mature person see what I did there hahahahaa)73350-blazing-saddles-work-work-work-py61

**actually 0.7 probably

So this will be my TTT for today! It was actually pretty interesting because it required me to THINK. And I did with like zero time to do it, so I’m going to read it and shock with my rush. I’ll be linking up to another Top Ten Tuesday for this one! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Facts About ME.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. It’s also the most popular meme on the blogosphere, for book blogs. To do a TTT, it’s pretty simple. You have to get on the blog and get the prompt. Then you write a blog post about ten things of your choice that answer the prompt. It doesn’t have to be ten. It can be six. Or eight. Or 14. Or 17. Around ten. Because ‘ten’ sounds the nicest. Then you link up to their blog on your blog post and make cute little graphics and explore other people’s TTT’s and then get jealous of their cute graphics, because everyone here is an artist. Obviously.

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1. I am an extrovert and skilled at public speaking

In my time owning a book blog so far, I’ve seen so many book bloggers around the blogosphere represent themselves as ‘introverts, secretly bookworms, super shy in real life but writing a blog to open up/be themselves/show their true colors (well only if they’re evil)’. Minus my own thought in the parentheses there. However, I am an extrovert. I love socializing and talking to people and meeting new aforesaid people. 

One of the things I’m good at happens to be public speaking. Now, if I’m an extrovert and love public speaking, I shouldn’t really have a reason to have a book blog and not a reality show, yes? *cries because of embarrassment* I started this blog because my friend started a blog but then I discovered you creatures and now I love you so I don’t have a reality show yet.

But yes. I am really good at public speaking, and I love to speak in front of people. Even though secretly I’m super nervous and scared they’ll hate on me, I look like a calm, demure princess creature human and it makes me feel accomplished when I’m done.


2. The first ‘real’ book series I read was Harry Potter when I was 9 years old (so basically ages ago)

Before reading Harry Potter, I used to read the Magic Treehouse books and the Boxcar Children and the Famous Five and such when I was little, but those are children’s books and so I never counted them to be ‘actual’ books. I was, however, always interested in books from a young age but I didn’t really ever want to enthusiastically read or make it a part of my lifestyle until I read Harry Potter.


3. My favorite book POV is third-person

Recently with all of these books about rebellion and up and coming heroines and leaders in the YA department, 1st person POV has become SUPER popular. I don’t understand why! I love 3rd person because what annoys me a lot in 1st person is that I have to wait until, like, the 10th page of a book to find out what the name of the main character is. I DON’T CARE ABOUT ALL THESE OTHER NAMES BEING SAID JUST TELL ME THE PERSON WHO’S GOING TO BE SPOTLIGHTED IN THE WHOLE SERIES.


4. I value loyalty the most in a person

I value loyalty in a person because I am a very strongly-attached person and it’s always hard for me to let go of relationships. I always believe the best of people, so when I’m let down, it always stings. That’s why I have come to love the blogging community, because you guys are loyal and mean a heck of a lot to me.

Since I love you creatures, I will tell you but also make strange facial expressions since another fact about me is that I am a multi-tasker. During a period of time, I met a person who I believed to be my friend but then, tldr, basically a lot of things happened where it led to them not being true friends which led to other friends changing and then I suffered a kind of depression for a short period of time where lots of emotions happened and then another kind of heartache and now I am this person.


5. I’m addicted to Hawaii Five O and Love it or List it

Seriously, I am addicted to Alex O Loughlin. I cannot get enough of him. He is magnificent. Mostly his face, but also his hands and his ears. AND HIS HAIR. But also I love Love it or List it, because recently I have developed a passion for seeing houses renovated beautifully and watching people buy magnificent houses. A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D.


File_003 (8)


I’m6. I’m crazy about politics

It’s like me loving Will Herondale–there’s nothing I love more (except for my sister and food). I’m CRAZY about politics. So seriously, throughout this 2016, I am crazy about the election. I’m always updated and I’m always boring my friends about my own political analysis and reasoning.

So tell me! Who are you supporting in the US election? BTW SANDERS JUST ENDORSED CLINTON OMG OMG. I don’t think Clinton will get his supporters tho because all through their debates and the primary season, they were very divided. So as you can tell, I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. Haha 🙂 Tell me if there’s an election going on where you live, and tell me if you are super obsessed with government issues and politics.


7. I’m very superstitious

I guess this is partially related to my religion (which obviously I’m not going to elaborate on) but I’ve always grown up being superstitious and believing in all sorts of things from all the gods that watch me at all times to the demons I believe exist somewhere to the ghosts that exist on the second story of my house BECAUSE CAN WE BE REAL I THINK JAKE PROBABLY DIED HERE 37829 YEARS AGO AND NOW HE’S HAUNTING ME. I’ve always wondered about superstition like traditional fables and also whether I reap what I sow in my future and past lives and what I was in those lives. BASICALLY MY MIND PLAYS A LOT OF GUESSING GAMES.


8. I’m a black belt in Taekwondo and am on a weapons team in Hanmadang

I used to be on a sparring team but then I quit that so I could be on a weapons team. Hanmadang is basically an East Asian name for a taekwondo celebration, so aside from all the competition that comes with Hanmadang tournaments, there’s a lot more festivity and flavor. THOUGH THE COMPETITION MEANS A LOT TO ME ANYWAY.


9. I’m very very very competitive

Which leads me to my next point: I’m extremely competitive. Oh my god, this is getting to be so much about me, I don’t like it. But anyway, if I ever join a competition, I want to win all the time. I’m always up for a bit of competition, because I believe when we compete, we become so spirited and determined to win that we try to beat our adversary who then works to improve over us and so we become better. But mostly it’s just about the pride that comes when you win.



10. My sister means the world to me

We all have people that mean everything to us: parents, friends, teachers, children, significant others, etc. That person for me is my sister. There is simply no one who surpasses the value of my sister. Sometimes I attempt to sneakily donate her to the neighbors, but we always come around our arguments and I love her to pieces. My little sister is the part of me that grounds me and makes me feel worth being a person, that makes me feel like someone when I’m emotionally and mentally down. She is the person in my life that makes me whole. ❤


File_000 (11)

Here’s your homework for today:

-Tell me about a person that means so much to you that they make up a part of you. It can be anyone, even a book character or an author or your idol or someone you don’t know or someone who is deceased.

-Let me know what morals (loyalty, honesty, humility) you value the most in a person and what type of characters you write (and if you don’t write, which characters you have enjoyed reading) that are influenced by this (villains, sidekicks, rogues, heros, rebels). Tell me about their personality and what books you’ve seen this type of person in! ILYSM ❤ ❤

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17 thoughts on “A Few Things That You Might Want To Know About Me Since I am an unknowable creature (except for when I’m not (except for all the time)

  1. YOU ARE ME, I AM YOU. I relate to so much of this. Is there a middle ground between extroversion and introversion? Because I’M CRAZY with the people I’m even semi-close to, and otherwise really quiet. I wouldn’t say SHY, but quiet. I’m also SUPER competitive, which is probably why I got sorted into Slytherin. XD Way too ambitious for my own good.

    See, it wouldn’t really be a LIE when I say that Chaol means the most to me. But you already know that, so I’m going to skip on being predictable af and say that APART FROM MY PARENTS, it’d be my boyfriend. I’ve been with him for 7 years (wtf?) so it’s kind of difficult imagining my life without him. XD He’s such an essential part of my life and me. How cheesy, ick.

    I’m like you. I value loyalty so much in a person – if a person is loyal, even to a fault, I’m immediately drawn to them. Which is probably why love triangles bother me so much, and so do books that even HINT at cheating. I’m immediately put off by them because there’s nothing that bugs me more than a disloyal person. ALSO WHY I LOVE CHAOL because if ANYONE is loyal, IT’S MR. WESTFALL.

    1. AIMALLLLLLLLLL AHHHHH. SRSLY THO I KNEW IT I KNEW IT ALL ALONG GURL LET’S GO. LETS GO. I know right. I’m talkative and polite and inclusive to people I’m not close to, but with the people I am super close to, we shout, sleep, eat, and do everything as savage as possible 😂 dirty minds, girl, that’s what we got going on–dirty minds AHAHAAAA just ask some of my friends. So I completely understand the not shyness, but the more calmness. One of my best friends is a Slytherin, and so is my beloved sister! So, in other words, you can be my sister Aimal. Since we’re already mirror images of each other.

      I completely know what you mean when you say that Chaol means the most to you. Will Herondale means a hella lot to me, because even though he was practically dying inside, he ripped his heart apart to keep the two people he loved most happy. I wish I had the strength he has, because even though I am a Gryffindor at heart, it didn’t keep me from going through depression and some other pretty bad stages in my life when I suffered a heartbreak. BUT IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU FOR THAT VERY REASON. It’s always made me so happy to see couples who are legit so happy with each other, especially because I went through what I did. It was what made me move on from my depression and my heartbreak–seeing people happy together. So, speaking of, just you wait Aimal. After you graduate (Last I checked you were in college I think but obviously I’m very poor at keeping up to date with my sister), I’m going to be a bridesmaid at your wedding eeeeeeeeek. 7 years, man, that’s something. I’m just so happy, I’m like smiling for no reason and right now I’m being looked at and probably being assessed to see if I need a mental check up. 😂😂😝

      I’m completely attracted to loyalty in a character and a person BECAUSE of the heartbreak that I went through, so it’s become both personal and habitual as I started to read more. UGH EUUUUGH. Love triangles have just been permanently ruined because of the two boys and one girl stereotype and how unrealistically they portray them. If two people fall in love, of which one has another true admirer, THEN HE WILL BE HURTING VERY MUCH. Authors don’t portray that realism. They somehow just make the character ‘move on’ which turns into inhumane, emotionless things. And when they do portray the realism, readers start hating on those characters for not being ‘nice’. It’s been so annoying!

      Anyhoo, I’ll stop ranting and finish off by saying: GIRL WE BOTH KNOW THERES HARDLY ANYONE WHO IS MORE LOYAL THAN CHAOL WESTFALL. He was surrounded by perfectly fitting girls in Adarlan while Celaena was in Wendlyn, but instead of enforcing the same self control, she decided to cheat and fall in love with someone else. I love Rowan, don’t get me wrong. —


      Seriously tho, Rowan is centuries old, and Aelin is 19. Like Tamlin, and Rhysand, and Feyre and them all. Maas doesn’t seem to understand that if teenagers don’t fall in love with people the age of their grandparents when their old and wizened, it makes no sense for them to fall in love with aforesaid grandparent-aged people if they look like bachelors and are charming.

      But that’s been a lot to read for you, so I’ll stop my rant there. Ilysm Aimal. Srsly 💖

  2. It was so great getting to know you more!
    That’s so sweet!! (About your sister)
    I sadly have to say I’m not really sure who is that person for me. Of course I love my parents and friends but I’m not sure who would be for me that person.
    I’m not a shy person, maybe I’m not talkative, like all time or extrovert, I’m just in the middle if that makes sense…
    I sadly have to say this but…I hate politics. I just can’t. Right now in my country there isn’t any election going on but it’s hard to not be up to date with US elections, and I’m definitely going for Clinton.
    I really value honesty, I just can’t deal hipocresy and I think it’s one of the worst things, though loyalty is quite important for me too!

    1. Ahh thank you! It’s the truth, my sister means a heck of a lot to me. YOU CAN TELL OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE I HAVEN’T DONATED HER TO THE NEIGHBORS YET. Or put her out for adoption 😂 naw I’m joking.
      I so get you. Like, everyone naturally loves their family and all of their friends, but picking out a single person can be…confusing. I mean, if you’re picking out ONE person, they have to mean A WHOLE LOT.
      I understand what you mean, like, you listen but you also talk. That’s a nice balance, and I guess it’s pretty uncommon BECAUSE I JUST LAUGH AND SHOUT AT/WITH ALL. The only time when I’m not talkative or dryly humorous is when I’m eating (don’t bother me) and when I’m sleeping (don’t bother me).
      I don’t know why I love politics so much, my dad would ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep up to date with the elections so I grew up analyzing and understanding politics and tricky politicians. This election is really bringing people out, I mean, I don’t even know why anyone goes for Trump! No offense involved, but he’s probably the least qualified, presidential, versatile person to be in office. 😐 IMO of course.
      Honesty is super important, I always taught my sister to not lie whenever she did. Of course, it’s natural, and you can’t help it, but the less you do, the better. Hypocrisy ANNOYS me. It just makes people look shallow.
      I consider honesty and humility to be very very very important, loyalty is just more important to me because I’ve made many disloyal friends and promptly distanced myself, but not before I had been emotionally hurt by heir actions. I also suffered a heartbreak, so I guess that amounts to something. I suppose if you’re a very strongly emotionally attached person, then loyalty will matter to you a lot.
      Ily Aldii 💞💘 (also your name is the coolest thing of ever I’m going to use it for a book character one day, yeah? 😝)

      1. My dad is like that too! But I think that had the opposite effect on me? Bah, I don’t know. The same you say and that’s quite a conversation everywhere. Like yes, we are a bit scared of Trump winning but what about all the people that supports him? That is a scary thing too…
        Yes, thankfully I have not had disloyal friends, I have a pretty close group and we are pretty much the same, I have been friends with some of them for 14 years, and that’s crazy but I just love them and don’t even know how to live other way (seriously, I have no records in my mind before being friends with them 😂) But I can see why loyalty is important for you and I definitely agree that is something to count.
        USE IT! (It’s so sweet of you to say that ♥♥) I swear, I have never read a book with my name but that would be SOO cool! So, go you!!
        Ily 💗💗💗

  3. I absolutely love this post. You definitely sound like one fierce woman and i would not want to mess with you haha. I fins it so cool that you have a black belt in taekwondo. I don’t think it should matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert to be a book blogger. The way see it, if you like books and want to talk about them online then do it. That’s what I did anyway haha.

    I love Hawaii Five-0 as well. I just love how you have the typical case of the week but throughout there’s still a consistent plot line. Alex O Loughlin isn’t bad to look at either haha. Plus I’d love to visit Hawaii someday. 😀

    1. Ahh thank youuuu! Everyone’s been telling me that I sound fierce, and I’m just thinking of lions over here 😂😂. Nah, that’s fine, since I was young, my sparring partner would always mess with me. I never hit him, except for when he swung his faux for-practice kopesh into my face 😝 he had it coming. Atleast it wasn’t the real one!
      I completely agree, you see, you can love books whether you are an extro or an intro, and so there’s no reason to not start a book blog if you want to even if you are an extrovert. Are you an extrovert?
      OMG HAWAII FIVE O IS LEGIT MY BINGE TV ADDICTION. Even though it follows the same baseline, each episode is always interesting.
      I actually did go to Hawaii once–it’s super pretty. But I was worried, because people mostly go two Hawaii for the scenery and the beaches and the weather, and I wanted to see the Hawaii Five O cast there if they were, but then I completely freaked because I was like ‘ZOMG WHAT IF THERE’S LIKE A MURDER A WEEK FOR REAL IS HAWAII FIVE O REAL OH MY GOD WILL I BE SAFE’ 😳😂
      Omg, I’m so weird. 😵

      1. Oh he definitely had it coming haha.
        I’d say I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies. I love meeting up with my friends and socializing but I find that afterwards I need a few hours to myself. It’s all about the balance for me. 😀
        haha I know right. Hawaii is legit one of my dream destinations but at the same time I’m like “what if I go in the jungle and come across a murder or something like that.” It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world and if I can somehow stumble into Mr. O’Loughlin I’d be a very happy lady.

      2. That’s what my friends would say! 😉
        I guess sometimes even though I am an extrovert, I do like some time to sit back and read my book and not talk to people–it’s what I did when I was young: I would try to read my book and if my mom so as even asked me to come out lunch I would get super annoyed 😂 So the balance makes sense.
        GIRL I SO GET YOU. Honestly, it was hard to enjoy my vacation and beach experiences when all I was thinking about was 1) AM I GONNA DIE and 2) OMG AM I GONNA SEE ALEX O LOUGHLIN BECAUSE I WILL POSSIBLY DIE. I’m still waiting, though. 😝

    1. Aww thank yoouuuu!! I am fierce like a lion of Lannister AKA Tyrion but I’m super tall so I don’t even know if that counts 😂 In reality I’m a Tully–Kat, you are just amazing! You are super kind all the time and if there were a thousand Kat’s in the world I would be super happy (or I would freak if they all looked the same it really depends you know the Kat Apocalypse 😝) Girl, you rock! LYSM 💜💝

      1. House Tully is a very honourable one! From various tests, I have found out that I am a Stark with strong morals, but likely to get backstabbed at some point because I believe in people. Well, I still choose to see the upside.
        Hahahaha! You are too much! Thank you, but I think we better not endanger the world with a Kat Apocalypse. Some might argue that one is already more than enough hahaha 💙

      2. I suppose House Tully is great- Catelyn betrayed and murdered for her family, so if I care about my sister the most, I guess that makes sense. You know who else is a Tully? Katniss, eh, eh? 😂 See I never know which test to trust, so I just go with the majority. I’ve gotten all kinds of results: Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy, mostly just Tully and Night’s Watch though. It makes a lot of sense that you are a Stark. Girl, the Starks are pretty much the only honorable family in Westeros but what’s unfair is that all the honorable in Westeros are chopped off the map 🙄 my mum belongs to the house of Stark–she chooses to see the best in everyone (especially Donald Trump 😐).
        Hey, you totally deserve it! The one Kat that we already have is lively enough for all of us (so we keep the population alive and not endangered 😝) 💖💖

  4. Have you always been good at public speaking, or was it one of those skills you have had to nurture? I don’t think being an extrovert means that you shouldn’t have a reason to have a book blog, haha – you do you, and if you want a book blog, you should make one, introversion/extroversion aside.

    It’s hard for me to say if there’s just any one person that means WAY more to me than other people, haha. I think I’m made up of many different people and if they weren’t around, my life wouldn’t be ‘complete’. But I’m also kind of practical in the sense that I do believe that we shouldn’t rely on anyone else (but ourselves) to complete our lives. 😛

    Great post, Veda! I loved reading this. 🙂

    1. I’ve been public speaking since I was 8 years old (and I’m older than that right now), so it’s really something that I developed a passion and skill for. I mean, I’m a very loud, confident person so I did have to learn some aspects but I got the whole ‘speaking in front of people’ thing down at once. It’s just the more I spoke, the more my passion for it drew and that’s what made me improve over time.

      I always do me: I play with little kids in the park but get too competitive and end up not being a fun person to play with if you are three years old, I am super loud at restaurants and the parents never failed (when I was younger) to remind me to shush, I’ve always talked with my sister or my friends late at night and decided that I could deal with, like, five hours of sleep but then regretted in the morning 😝–I completely agree with you! It doesn’t really depend on whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, it definitely shouldn’t get in the way of doing what you want.

      I guess when we make memories we collect bits and pieces from other people and experiences and that becomes who we are. So I do guess that we are made up of a lot of people. It is a very practical ideology to live our lives on our own and with no one else, but obviously you have more skill and talent in the ‘practicality’ area compared to me 😂😂

      Thank you Reg! Ily 💙💞

      1. That sounds cool! And convenient, haha. I’m not terrible at public speaking but depending on the subject matter, I do get really nervous sometimes. Do you get to do a lot of it – like are you in a club, are you actively practicing it, or something? 😛

        Haha, I’m not sure it’s all ‘skill and talent’ when it comes to my practicality. I was raised with the whole “emotions = bad, logic = GREAT” mindset by my parents and it definitely has had some negative and positive impact on me.

      2. It does come in handy whenever I have to talk about something with people. You know, everyone gets nervous before they actually speak. Like, even the best motivational speakers. Right when you speak, even though you get that bouncing feeling in your stomach, you aren’t really nervous anymore. It’s just pre-speech butterflies I guess. I do actively public speak, I’ve been in various clubs but one ended recently so I guess I’m just waiting for the next one to start! I understand, since I was little my parents (dad especially) have always stressed the importance of hard work and making lots of money and how nothing ever comes easy. I suppose everything our parents teach us is based on what they wanted and didn’t get of themselves–so they don’t really factor in the negative effects. But we are who we are though, and we’re always changing. 💜

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