The Monthly Crown: May || Discussing Entirely New Blog Happenings

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I think that it is, in fact, wholly well known that I am bad at keeping up with monthly reviews because I’m just bad at keeping up with stuff like that. Originally I planned to post this on Tuesday but I was all thinking about how I have to do my TTT and then I wanted to post it tomorrow on Thursday because I wanted to do the T5W todayΒ because apparently that’s all I care about these days. But then I decided not to, because I wasn’t very interested in the topic for this week.

But don’t listen to my mind. I think I’ll just proceed with this post, because all of this right here is becoming a whole lot of blather. THE STUFF OF MY MIND. It’s a very strange place, which is why I post monthly reviews on strangely wild days and it’s also why I blog where the wild things are.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.02.51 PM.pngI finished off a lot of series’ this month rather than read more books, so I still feel quite proud of myself for reading doubly and like the solemn honorable knight Lancelot and the deceased Eddard Stark. WAH.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.04.19 PM.png17927395

I literally JUST started read ACoMaF. I don’t really like Tamlin…? Like, I liked him in the last book, but right now he just seems completely changed because he seems so controlling and possessive. I don’t even know where the highlight of this book is supposed to hit? Feyre is abnormally normal and boring and so typical that that bores me. And Tamlin is Tamlin being Tamlin, which I already said that I’m not currently loving. Hopefully he’ll improve, but there is no hint of that. BUT THE NIGHT COURT I WANT TO SEE THAT BADLY. But sinceΒ nothingΒ has happened, I’m guessing that’ll be a while off. “So we’ll piss of the readers…” πŸ˜€


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The Trials of Apollo
Lady Midnight
The Westing Game
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
The Raven King
The Winner’s Curse
The Winner’s Crime
The Winner’s Kiss
Game of Thrones

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Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.04.02 PM.png

El Deafo || 4 Stars

It was a fairly cute book. It was recommended to me by my friend, who had never read a graphic novel like me, so this was our first. For my first graphic novel, I definitely think it was not ordinary. It wasn’t great, but it was enjoyable and simple and it was a time-passing binge read.

Breaking Dawn || 2 Stars

I never ever liked this book. But this was a reread. I was rereading it in a group circle with my friends, most who had never read the series before. And guess what? I still didn’t like it, yeah. So that was obvious much. SO I PRACTICALLY THREW IT ACROSS A CANYON. AT A LEMON. A BITTER LEMON.

The Raven King || 5 Stars

THIS EXPLODED ME. I can’t even form coherent thoughts right now. It was amazing. The prose, the actual style of writing, the CHARACTERS–all stunning. The plot was slow-moving but very intense, full, and suspiciously thrilling. The end left me really confused. REALLY CONFUSED. But I still love it because everyone, including the characters and the authors and everyone were confused too. So what a WICKED cliffhanger thing.

Twilight || 4 Stars

Yes, because I read Breaking Dawn, I read this. I liked Twilight. It was actually the only good book in the series. I enjoyed New Moon only because I hated Bella and liked seeing Edward leave her. This one was actually good. It was tense, and thrilling, and everything was shrouded with mystery as is when associating with a family of vampires.

The Winner’s Crime || 5 Stars

I LOVED THIS OKAY?! I LOVED THIS. It was also perfect. I love Kestrel. I LOVE HER. She is no war heroine. She is clever, and she is intelligent, and she is treasonous, and she is in love, and she perfect. She defines ‘follow your heart’. She doesn’t love Verex like she must. She doesn’t love the empire. She is honest, and she is full, and she is everything.

The Winner’s Kiss || 5 Stars

AND THEN THIS ENDED AND BROKE MY HEART.Β It broke my heart.Β It was lovely. It was everything I wanted and it had all of the broken hearts and all of the tied endings I had hoped for. It had all the death and all the treachery and all the kindness and all the new beginnings and all the life that I’d ever wanted from it.

Lady Midnight || 5 Stars

These amazing books really made my month. I think this might be one of Cassandra Clare’s best. I don’t like Emma, by the way. She redefines Carstairs, and not in a way I like. And she’s too imperfectly perfect, too cliche. But aside from me really disliking the main characters, I LOVED Mark Blackthorn. And Ty. And all the rest of the siblings. AND THE ENDING OH MY GOD THE ENDING. ALSO THE REST OF THE BOOK. Basically, it was one of the greatest.

The Westing Game || 4 Stars

REREAD. Last time I read this book, it was three years ago. So I decided I wanted to read it again because of how much I enjoyed it. It’s definitely deep and complex and full of suspicion and mystery. I loved it again, so so much. It was wonderful.

Elephant Run || 3 Stars

Historic fiction isn’t really my style (because I’m a fantasy nerd), so I couldn’t really enjoy this book as much as someone who loved historic fic would. But the story was nicely done, though there was an overuse of detail at some points and it dragged a bit at some points but it was written well, and I think it would have been a nice book for someone else.

The Winner’s Curse || 4 Stars

This was the first book in the series. As always, debuts are usually a little shaky, because we as readers and the author as well need to get comfortable with the story and the writing. Therein a bit of confusion is inevitable, but aside from the initial stereotypical situations of the book, it was well written and well thought out, so I did really enjoy it.

Linger || 2 Stars

I DNF’d it. I just hated Shiver, and it was an effort in it’s own for me to actually continue with and finish Shiver. Halfway through, I decided I was done with Linger, because everything about it kept annoying me.


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.01.28 PM.png

I guess May was an -ish month for blogging. It wasn’t great. I had to really pick up the pace again, and find where I was comfortable with. I had just returned from an unexpectedly extended hiatus, and aside from that, I wasn’t in the mood to blog for two months. It wasn’t just blogging, I was having a bad writer’s block. I’m still recovering from my writer’s block though I have to force myself to write nowadays. I had found a new style for my blog, so May had a lot of ups and downs.Β Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.05.59 PM.png

I basically refurbished my whole blog. It is no longer Bookzillan Society. Even though that sounded pretty cool, I’m afraid I have to part with that. It might seem more pleasant to my ear after a time, but right now, using it for my blog and hearing it everyday made me irritated with it. I kept my same theme, but I’m now Crown Print instead of Bookzillan Society. I discussed the reasoning behind ‘Crown Print’ inΒ thisΒ post.

Aside from renaming my blog, I also created a completely new style, which was discussed in the previously linked post. My new style is far less cluttered, way more simple, but still clean and sleek and bright. It’s not entirely minimalistic simple, like black and white and zilch pattern. It’s just not as busy and cluttered and colorful.

This was my old logo: (6)

This is my new logo:

Designed by FreepikThis was my old header image:


This is my new header image:



Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.06.11 PM.pngOnce again, excuse me for my lack of anything here, because during May I was mostly trying to get my blog looking how I preferred, and I didn’t really blog much. However I did blog, was very little and I don’t think categorized underneath this. So beg pardon the lack of links here. I think I’m doing well this month. But in that case, I should have just done a quarter-June monthly crown. Or something like that.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.03.36 PM.png

What toΒ say?Β It’s been hectic. These last few months before summer, it was very busy for me. So much work just piling up, but of course, no one wants to listen toΒ that. That is very Β boring. No one wants to know about me actually sitting down, behaving like a mature person, and getting some work done.

I’ve been doing some art?! Like, I don’t know. I’ve been super bored so aside from taking pictures of books, I’ve been drawing some things. I drew some manga for a while, because I love manga and especially anime but now I’ve been trying realistic stuff. I did a self portrait?! But I can’t display that for obvious reasons.

Family came over for a couple days, and so now I am showing them LOTS OF HAWAII FIVE O BECAUSE HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE LOVE LOVE HAWAII FIVE O. Also I watch Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars and Cake Wars, but that’s well-known and since a couple years. Now I watch House Hunters and SUPERWOMAN MORE SUPERWOMAN I SORT OF LOVE SUPERWOMAN.

I’m also proud to say that I climbed under a truck in the middle of the street that I live on. The actual moment is very hilarious. So my clumsy adorable not-little-anymore little sister was playing with my volleyball in the driveway and the ball got shanked crazy bad. The thing is, the street I live on is incredibly slanted, because my home is like halfway across the slant of the hill. My neighborhood is on a hill and then on level ground, so I’m halfway in there, and so the ball went rolling like heck across the street.

And my sister was about to go chase after it, because she thought it was going to go all the way down the street. But it got stuck right behind the front tire underneath a big pickup truck. Obviously since she admires her big sister a lot and she runs to me every time she can’t do something, she came and told me that my volleyball was buried under a pickup truck and that I had to come get it.

So I, being the very admirable big sister ran down our street, which is the main street in the neighborhood and all the cars are zooming up or down it. Thankfully there were no cars at this hour, so I lied flat on my stomach in the middle of the road, with my legs under the pickup truck, and I sort of kicked it so it came out of the opening in the bottom of the other side of the truck.

I’m shocked. My life is interesting (IMO πŸ˜› )? And I thought I made that graphic for nothing.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.09.03 PM

That was my May! How did your May go?

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.17.20 PM

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of ACOMAF? Did you like the Raven King? And have you read the Game of Thrones series? Are you watching the show?Β ARYAAAAA. Leave me a link to your May review? Have you read the Winner’s Curse trilogy? And most of all,Β how do you like my new blog??! How is my new style?

Do you like Crown Print?


You have my attention ~ talk to me!

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