I’m Going On A Hiatus People!!!!! || BUT DRAGONS SWEAR FEALTY TO Remain in contact with fellow bloggers


Am I not so nice? I actually decided to, like, drop by and tell you! But yes, I’ll be on a hiatus for the majority of March because of all of the vacationing I’m doing this month. If you’ve noticed, by the way, I haven’t been blogging much, and that is because I’ve been having so many other things consuming my free time, and another thing? My blogging honeymoon is over, as Aentee @ Read At Midnight would like to say.

I’ve noticed that blogging has becoming more dragging for me. I don’t know why, but I don’t seem to have to same kind of enthusiasm for actual blogging. I have been reading other people’s blogs, because I like to stay on date like that and I genuinely like reading all of my fellow bloggers’ posts. But I haven’t had either the heart or the mind to actually blog and do a tag or something.

I do appreciate everyone tagging me and nominating me for awards, but mind you, I am probably not going to be doing them in the near future. To cure myself of this post-honeymoon blogging-depression, I’ve decided to take a hiatus over the month of March so that come April, I will be a healthy awesome dragon inspired once more to blog again!

It’s not like I’ll be completely dissing you forever, but I do need to take a break. And I’m NOT, for all the lord’s sakes, quitting on my blog because you friend-fellow blogger people are actually really amazing. I hope everyone understands that I am being delayed and obstructed in my blogging path right now with an understandable [temporary] change of heart and a vacation.

See y’all in April! Let’s hope I’m back to being the fierce blogger dragon I am. With Squashhead’s assistance, I shall achieve anything. And your assistance, of course. ❤ ❤ ❤

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.17.20 PM


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