I Am The Lost Queen of Terrasen And More Reasons Why I Fell In Love With And Wear The Crown Of Midnight

Crown-of-Midnight-Header-Image-For-WPCrown-of-Midnight-Header-Image-For-WordpressI am so behind on my reviews; I’m sorry. In truth, I did not just finish this book, I finished Sheen of Quadows* this month and so I’m not as behind on the actual reading of the series as you may think! The Throne of Glass saga has been such a beastly thrill ride, because I originally put down #1 because the size of the book was so daunting but then all my motivators up here were screaming their heads off for me to continue, and so I did. AND I LOVED ALL OF IT SO MUCH!! I need Rowan to be mine and I need to next book WITHIN THREE SECONDS.

So. I bring you the second book in this incredible, incredible series!! So now you’ve read Throne of Glass and you are ready for me to push you onto Crown of Midnight. Don’t worry. It’s the beautifulest thing ever. And too many feels….I’m melting and turning into popcorn. Fight me. 


*Um. I sort of told you little popcorn kernels that I would keep saying Sheen of Quadows instead of Queen of Shadows to confuse all of you! And also Sheen of Quadows sounds like ducks, because, you know. Quack. And Herondales hate ducks. I am so ironic. On purpose.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.40.04 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.40.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PMCrown-of-Midnight-Header-Image

And continuing with the quote thing, can I first say, OH CHAOL. OH MY GOODNESS CHAOL. AND NEHEMIA. OH MY HEART ACHES FOR YOU CHAOL. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find out what that means later on, but yeah. Once you, you know, read the book.

“I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn’t, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens.”

Can I PLEASE cry? Chaol cares for Celaena. So gods help me, I know I shouldn’t, but I claim you, Chaol Westfall. And if you’ve read Heir of Fire, you’ll get what I mean. You’ll also shrivel up and die. Just warning you. This is beautiful. This is a symbolic dialogue of the relationship between Chaol and Celaena. It’s hearty, true, deep, and beautiful. It is the idol of how all heartfelt relationships should be. And doesn’t that give you a character insight on Chaol? About how sweet he is? And about what type of a person he is? And about he’s MINE? I’m joking. Maybe.

“The rest of the world quieted into nothing. In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realized she was home.” 

Chaol. I sort of hurt. Can you stop being so sweet and heartbreaking? Look at Celaena’s thoughts, okay? I don’t want to just share this with you, but I want you to look at the writing style and understand how deep this goes. It’s not just “You mean a lot to me.” Or even the most thrown-around, shallow thing that now has lost its once deep value “I love you.” This goes way beyond that, and look at how the writing makes you understand that! Can you ever imagine telling someone, that after so long, you’ve figured out that your home is with them, in them? Can you IMAGINE? It’s so deep and passionate, that “I love you.” would never be able to do this justice.

“Why are you crying?”
“Because,” she whispered, her voice shaking, “you remind me of what the world ought to be. What the world can be.” 

Look. I will end up crying half way through this review. I’m sorry, it’s going to happen, and it’s sort of unavoidable. More between Celaena and Chaol awaits you. I keep bringing you these quotes between them, I know, but they have so much behind them I can’t do much but HAVE to share them with you. There is a question here. It’s not figurative language. It IS character development, Celaena’s outlook on the world and her surrounding people is growing and changing. The question is asking, “What should the world be?” It’s leaving so much space for involvement and thinking and fangirling and melting (don’t ask where that came from, I know as much as you).

So you tell me. What should the world be?

“Some things you hear with your ears. Others, you hear with your heart.”

So obviously right now my heart is hearing some seriously awesome stuff about Sarah J. Maas. But.

LIFE. THIS. IS. LIFE. And seriously, ALL of these people are bae. Deal with it. This is something I just want to share with you now. This is such a profound saying, I can’t even express how much this means. And this doesn’t just apply to hearing stuff. The second quote in this review? Hear it with your heart. It makes a difference and it makes you understand it more. I could change this up and say, “Some things you see with your eyes. Others, you see with your heart.” I’ve had conversations about this very heavily with people, and I only hope you understand the beauty of this, and how it allows you to fill in the gaps and picture all the plot and setting possibilities.

“Roland gave her a courtier’s smile. “And what sort of work do you do for my uncle?
Dorian shifted on his feet and Chaol went very still, but Celaena returned Roland’s smile and said, “I bury the king’s opponents where nobody will ever find them.” 

AGHHHH. I die. Celaena makes me laugh so hard! Just look at this banter, look at her wittiness, and look at how smart she is! Clever girl! Doesn’t that make you almost sort of make you want to read the book? To read more about these hilarious characters and beyond this deep plot and into this beautiful writing? I hope it does. BECAUSE AHAHAHAHAHA I AM DYING OF LAUGHTER. Yea. That was real. Me laughing. Miracles, you hear, [with your heart 😛 ] miracles.

 “Enough! We have enough enemies as it is! There are worse things out there to face!” Celaena slowly turned to him, her face splattered with blood and eyes blazing bright. “No, there aren’t,” she said. “Because I’m here now.”

I’m slightly scared. Look, I admire, I fear, and I respect Celaena and her character and who she is, but she is WHOA. In this book, she goes way past what you could ever imagine. In ALL WAYS. And that’s why I loved this book so much. Because you expected a lot from Throne of Glass, and when you come to this book, it’s just a punch to the face, because it goes way further than what you imagined. It prepares you wholly for the next book and the twist at the end is so deep and so unexpected and so detailed and so INTERESTING that you will end up loving it just as much, if not more, than I did. So read it please. You shalt love it forever and ever. Thou shalt not ever read a book again should thou not read Crown of Midnight.

So, see, I loved this book so darn much and I’m praying you read the flipping thing, because I want you to read it and then melt with me. And might I gently remind you, no matter what happens in whatever book or who says what, CHAOL IS MINE. CHAOL DID NOTHING. CHAOL IS INNOCENT. And in the end, Chaol is beauty, inside out.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

I’m not going to be able to emphasize what I’m going to say enough, as you’ve evidently read my whole review [because you love it with no bounds] without stopping in the middle, quacking loudly, and then running off to the library to get Crown of Midnight, which coincidentally greatly insulted your neighbor’s cat, or whatever. Go tell your neighbor to go water her plants or something. Shoo, neighbor and neighbor’s cat. Get a life. Get a dog.

So go read this beautiful book right now. I know you’ll love it. I’m shocked you would offend me by still reading this review. GO. READ. THE. BOOK. NOW. If I have not stressed the fact enough that I want you to read it and know you’ll love it, what more can I do? WHAT MORE? 

Have you read Crown of Midnight? do you agree with me? what were your thoughts on the book? what is your favorite book in the series? MINE IS HEIR OF FIRE. and now for the biggest choice of all: (but do not explode with the tension because then I’ll just have to force your neighbor’s cat, or Squashhead, to sweep you off into the moon or something like that) Chaol Westfall or Rowan Whitethorn? BAE UNLIMITED.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.18.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.14.59 PM


4 thoughts on “I Am The Lost Queen of Terrasen And More Reasons Why I Fell In Love With And Wear The Crown Of Midnight

  1. This whole series is just perfect! My only problem is I don’t know if I’m more in love with Chaol or Celaena! I plan to read Sheen of Quadows soon 🙂 I love this style of review by the way! I tried it myself, but I don’t think it came out as well as this 😛

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