Bookzillan Monthly: January || Talk About Big Accomplishments And I Am Throwing Virtual Parties

Hello y’all! This week has been super busy heading into February and such and I’ve been racing to reserve time to do a Monthly Reflection. Also, I have been splurging most of my free time reading City of Lost Souls. Isn’t that a good excuse? You can’t blame me, you know. I was reading. And since almost 103% of us do exactly that 103% of our time, we can all not bend to the Clave. I AM THROWING A VIRTUAL JANUARY PARTY!!!!!!!

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Bookzillan Monthly is a monthly reflection like a newspaper that comes in monthly editions. Join me, Veda, and let’s talk about the passed month and how it has come across in our bookish utopia, in our bookzillan society universe.

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Top Ten Tuesday

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My Memes

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.15.12 PMI Went From Nucleare To Sketch!

I have changed my theme! There are so many Nucleare blogs out there and I was just like, that’s it! I’ve gots to renovate my blog. Therefore I am now Sketch and I am definitely loving it. My whole theme–booksy and cute, definitely works better with this theme! So pretty!

New Logo! (6)

My friend is literally just like, you must stick this over in the humongous image’s spot! And I’m all like “Absolutely not. I like my other one because the colors and chevron is so cute…” But my friend is a turquoise/teal turtle to sum it up and so never take color advice from her…and besides, isn’t this more aesthetically pleasing and SO CUTE (?!):

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Six of Crows: 5 Stars

Six of Crows was so awesome. Heists are awesome. Slums are awesome (not literally thankyouverymuch). Gangs are awesome (in books). And the Grishaverse is practical mind-blowingness. This book in itself was so much better than the Grisha trilogy because, hey, put together heists, slums, gangs, and mysterious, deep characters, and you get an unforgettable book. The characters were so much better, Kaz and Inej being on my top ten or 100 ultimate ships. Mal and Alina were not my ship, FYI, and I was shipping Alina with Nikolai SO BADLY but Six of Crows made up for Bardugo’s ship mess-up. KAZ BREKKER IS SOMETHING ELSE.

The Infernal Devices-Clockwork Princess: 5 Stars

I know I didn’t read the entire Infernal Devices in January. I read Clockwork Princess in January. But I wasn’t going to skip up on a chance to show you the whole beautiful, perfect series. I give Clockwork Princess, to be specific, 4.5 stars, because I didn’t get the whole [MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD] Tessa and Will sleeping together because Jem died (well became a Silent Brother)…? So are they celebrating or something…? [MAJOR SPOILER OVER] That was totally off the grid, but I still loved the book majorly.

Queen of Shadows: 5 Stars

Queen of Shadows was simply the awesomest book of ever, except for Aelin going back to Adarlan and then practically stomping all over Chaol’s heart. I needed more Chaol and Dorian and I needed to cry over Sorscha, and when Manon flew over the castle…was anyone else so totally thinking what I was thinking about a certain Crown Prince and a certain Blackbeak Ironteeth witch?? 😉 ESPECIALLY ABOUT AELIN AND CHAOL. She goes, “I’ll always pick you” after what happened between her and Chaol and then she finds Rowan and she’s all “I know what I said but I take it back because I love Rowan now okaythxbye” GURRRRRL. But other than that, this book was tops.

City of Lost Souls: 4 Stars

TOO MUCH JACE AND CLARY. Blech. I don’t like Jace and I don’t like Clary and especially when they see Will’s copy (or was it Tessa’s) of A Tale of Two Cities and you see Will’s letter: With hope at last, William Herondale and Clary LITERALLY SAYS OH THAT MUST BE SOME ANCESTOR OF YOURS JACE AND I’M LIKE MISSY WILL IS WAY MORE ALL THAT THAN YOUR LITTLE JACEHOLE. But I loved Simon and Isabelle to the death of me, and after that, and Maia and Jordan even more. AND MALEC. They are so perfect. So way too much Jace and Clary romance and now Jace is some weird affection-less hungering-for-intimacy-with-Clary bastard and Sebastian is the even weirder Oh-well-I’m-going-to-assault-my-sister-because-I-have-demon-blood antagonist. WHERE DO YOU GET THESE ORIGINAL IDEAS CLARE?? And besides, I enjoyed Clary hunting Sebastian and Jace and living with them and all of that sneaky spy stuff.

All The Bright Places: 5 Stars

All The Bright Places is just beautiful. I can’t say anymore than that without spoiling the heck out of all of y’all and I’ll tell you, it doesn’t cuss as much as Rowell so I’m loving it forever and ever. Finch and Violet are perfect. AND THEY’RE MAKING A MOVIE OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH FANGIRL MOMENT PUH-LEEZ.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.14.46 PM

On second thought, Sebastian’s not all that awful-looking. But City of Heavenly Fire is definitely better than #5 so far.

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Clockwork Princess

City of Lost Souls

City of Heavenly Fire

All The Bright Places

A Court of Thorns And Roses

Six of Crows

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.15.35 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.15.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.15.52 PM

I have taken up a recent obsession with Adobe Illustrator. I can hardly work with it but I’m just opening it up again and again and trying to work at it. Right until I get it right. So I’m not wasting no time, because I want to become a pro at Adobe and then try out Inkscape, so right now, Illustrator is all of my work. 😀

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February is, after all, the month of Valentine’s Day. So show someone some love! Like Nelson Mandela said in the quote above, it is much easier to love than to hate. This month, shake it off and push away haters and make sure everyone gets to have a true month of love. My Valentine’s Day every year is spent with my family and my friends and it is so obvious that people do not bear the same luxuries we face, that instead they walk through storms day after next.

Let us make this February a true Valentine’s Day month for someone. Show someone the love that they need more than anything else. Everyone you see in a day, everyone you glance at, everyone will have some dilemma or something else eating away at their peace of mind. Eradicate that. Wherever you are, you can show someone simple love. You can show them appreciation. All of us are very talented and skilled and very, very smart people. Let us make February a true month of love. Show someone that love. And help someone walk through their storm for this month.

Because everyone should be having a Valentine’s Day filled with love, yeah?

I am listening to Try on my Mac right now and heck have I got it stuck in my head! I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day!! SO MUCH CHOCOLATE AND THAT IS SO AWESOME ON ITS OWN. Chocolate is so awesome. For my family, February means chocolates and cheesecakes and bundt cakes and lots and lots of yummy stuff. Since I have finished City of Lost Souls and All The Bright Places, I’ma work on my writing. Because I AM WRITING THE MOST EXCEPTIONALLY AWESOME PROLOGUE OF EVER. And I’m sure your prologue is just as awesome as well. Because we are so awesomely bookish writers.

How was your January? what books did you read? have you read any of the books I read this month? what did you think of them? do you agree/disagree with my opinions about them? did you do a monthly reflection? if so, share a link! what are some of YOUR Valentine’s day practices and customs?? ❤ ❤

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