Top Ten Tuesday: The Ten Totally Real People In This Universe That I Would Like To Magically Turn Into Because (TA-DA!!) I Am Tessa Gray [Freebie]

Excuse my Top Ten Tuesday on Wednesday. I was traveling yesterday, and so I didn’t get to publish said post. BUT ANYWAYS. Bada bing, bada boom, I AM TESSA GRAY PEOPLES YOU HAD TO BELIEVE ME NOW. I proved to you I am a witch, and now you know I am Tessa Gray. BECAUSE WILL IS SECRETLY MINE AND SO IS JEM MINE I TELL YOU MINE. To answer your obviously unsaid question, I did not have sugar for lunch. I am naturally like this: high-spirited, perfect, and absolutely sane. Don’t you agree??

So now since I am the renowned Tessa Gray, minus my English accent and desperate consciousness of propriety I shall tell you ten characters I would very much like to shape-shift into. And they’re totally real. FYI. (WHY OH WHY WHY DOES CLOCKWORK PRINCESS HAVE TO BE SO HEARTBREAKING WHY I AM DYING WHY I AM SHRIVELING UP AND TURNING INTO A MUNCHKIN LIKE SQUASHHEAD BUT I LOOK LIKE A SNAIL AND I THINK SQUASHHEAD WILL EAT ME) 


This is a weekly meme over on Broke And Bookish which, sanctum fumat, is one heck of a blog and plus it is so pretty because it is like a color splashed paint bucket of artwork and I LOVE ART plus I try to keep up with this but sometimes I become a crazed pumpkin. Ahem.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

1. Peeta Mellark

Yes, Peeta Mellark. I think I know why you look a snail pumpkin yourself. BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE. No, okay, I’m joking. “Peeta was hijacked and tortured and blah blah blah blah choke Katniss blah blah blah he freaking loves her“…

Has no one else wondered how he can love her SO MUCH? Even after she is a trained killing machine? Yes, I exaggerated a bit on that one, but even though I do love Katniss, I’m not a blind lovebird, though the fact that he’s had, like, a schoolboy crush on Katniss forever is cute….

2. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius 

Or Celaena Sardothien. Whatever you want to call her. See, when I’m writing this draft, and I write Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, it’s like three red dotted lines under each word each time I write it and it is just so hilarious. But anyways, I’m not just wanting to shape shift into Aelin because I’ll get to have Rowan; no, that would never be it…but Rowan is still so beautiful….What can I say in this hopeless situation?

3. Inej Ghafa 

Ye old misers, behold Inej Ghafa! I know what you are saying now, my lovely little cabbage fiends, “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LIVE THROUGH THE MENAGERIE???!!!” But Six of Crows is so flipping good that Inej is so perfect and I am literally the angriest on the world that Kaz and Inej haven’t happened yet. Anyhoo, I would love to be Inej Ghafa because being a sly, sneaky spy [The Wraith] would be super cool. I want to defy gravity and meld into the shadows and scale rooftops like a snake. Hiss. I am wicked.

4. Magnus Bane

We’re both immortal together, so it can’t hurt, can it? I want to know all about Magnus’ past…his supposed crossing with Marie Antoinette and I have not yet read both the Bane Chronicles or the Codex, ha ha, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Angel focused on me specifically reading the Codex so what a big joke. But Magnus’ heavy immortality of which he’s already surpassed some of it, I guess I can say, could make for an interesting game of hide-and-seek.

5. Annabeth Chase

Granted, Veda is already a Daughter of Poseidon so I think she would love to experience Annabeth Chase. Annabeth is such a…such a strong character and I want to have the wisdom of Athena…and I know you’re thinking that with me, this is highly impossible but all’s the better, is it not?

Annabeth Chase is such a dynamic character and I’ve never forgotten her for Riordan’s books have been a humongous part of my upbringing so Annabeth Chase would be the ultimatum of coolness.

6. Carter Kane

I don’t care about writing magic heiroglyphs, alright? That’s simply too much like Clary Fray and I hate her, therefore, Carter is so much cooler because Horus is cooler and also I want to turn into a hawk. I think Maas stole the Rowan as a hawk thing from Riordan and the carranam concept from parabtai if it isn’t obvious and Wyrdmarks from runes. It’s pretty obviously put. Anyhoo, Carter is Horus and Horus is hawks and humongous warrior avatar and awesomeness. End of story.

7. Leo Valdez

Should I not wish for anything? What is the problem, peoples? Leo Valdez is also Riordan but Valdez is like mega awesomeness. Plus, he’s sarcastic and funny and light-hearted. He’s also one of the best characters and one I love very dearly. And he’s with Calypso, living his dream in Ogygia, so if all doesn’t end well, I call dibs on Leo-shifting.

8. Cath [er]

Fangirl was the best novel of ever and therefore Cath is going to be amazing to shape-shift into. Cath is so awesome, and I am die-hard fangirl and A Tale of Two Cities and whatever the heck else I talk up with Will. I don’t write fanfiction but I think it would be interesting if I tried to because blogging and writing on two hands is a good enough weight for me.

9. Tom Riddle

Tom Riddle…the most wicked, ruthless antagonist that I’ve ever read, and on the same hand, one of the most well-plotted characters–not antagonists–that I’ve read a book with. Tom Riddle’s backstory and pre-Voldemort-crazed-murderer status is quite interesting, and Merope and Tom Riddle Jr. is definitely a wonkalicious story. Of course, before he became Voldemort and lost his nose…but have you ever thought when the curse rebounded that day he went to kill Harry Potter that he didn’t simply vanish, his human body was still there? And Snape came, right? And so what if he like kicked off Voldemort’s nose, in theory? Of which that theory is not mine….SO.

Voldemort: So all I have to do is tell a lie?
Pinnochio: Yep.


What can I say to this? She’s my favorite character of ever and she beats even Aelin Galathynius. Because she’s Hermione, and she’s the most unique, detailed, interesting character I’ve read to date. And she made it okay to be a geek and a super nerd. I love you, Hermione. You rock.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

Was that the hardest thing in the world? Almost, sort of, kind of, obviously not. It is quite ridiculous how many countries there are in this overpopulated world and I swear there might be internet in more than 50% of them and 25% of them are WP users, I’m guessing. And so that’s like 12.5% of the world being WP users, those of course, who are in the age constraints and blah blah whatever else. And this is on a hunch, of course. I might be over-optimizing our world. 

if you did a TTT then leave me your link! what was your freebie topic? and do you agree with my choices, and who else would you add?

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.18.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.14.59 PM



3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Ten Totally Real People In This Universe That I Would Like To Magically Turn Into Because (TA-DA!!) I Am Tessa Gray [Freebie]

    1. IKR!! Leo is so perfect! And next to him I love Percy but don’t say that because naturally siblings (especially children of Poseidon) hate each other. I’m better than him. I just happen to not save the world yet 😂😂

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