Infinity Dreams Award #3 || Spiraling Through Never-Ending Black Holes Of Me-Spotlighting And Dragons || Awesomeness

Alright, so I’ve had this ultimate revelation where I discovered that I am a dragon. Well, actually I’m a Shadowhunter. But I have claws and fangs and I can hiss, scratch, and scar. I’m just missing the scales and the tail! And I so wish I was a Shadowhunter. I’ve finished Clockwork Prince now and I feel so awful for Will. Heck, he realizes that the curse is not valid and he’s so happy but then Tessa. Oh my god Tessa. I do not like crying when I read books, no matter how upset I am, but this one got to me. I AM SO DREADFULLY DYING INSIDE. Tessa. I will get you, darling. Get you and hurt you for hurting Will after a dreadful 5 freaking years of that curse. 


I was nominated for this award by Gideon Lightwood. Ha ha I wish. No, though he’s lovely, I don’t yet know if I like him with Sophie so much. Sophie is quite incredible, isn’t she, a girl scarred for life who can still find love? Alright, I’m joking. I was nominated by Ronyell over at Rabbit Ears Productions. So THANKS, cuz!That blog is super fun. Plus, it’s on fleekOn fleek, on fleek, on fleek. I am so on fire.

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1.Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2.Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3.Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4.Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

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  • What are your favorite genres for books?

This is very, very obvious. So I’ve been keeping a log of all the books I’ve been reading since early September 2015, and the log involves me listing the genre, title, and blah blah more information. AND I MUST READ MORE YA CONTEMPORARY IT’S QUITE BEAUTIFUL AND MY HUMONGOUS DRAGON NOSE LOVES THE SMELL OF THEM IT’S SO PERFECT AND ASKDKDHFL.

I love a good fantasy book. It’s always my go-to. I think it’s because, while I’ve always wanted to write books and loved books, the series that really pushed me into high-level MG and YA was the Harry Potter series. And I remember, as a child, reading books about magic and fairies and mermaids and collecting them and always hampering my mum to buy me more to read. So I guess, ever since I was little, that fantasy’s been my thing. That’s all well, because I believe in magic. Maybe not in this world, or in this life, but anywhere else in the universe. It must exist.

Another awesome series that I love a good book from is sci-fi. I love reading about all these tech revelations, with science, and dystopian settings, and futuristic elements, and all these ideas of a completely new society, never matter whether it is Bookzillan or not. And ALIENS! I believe they exist somewhere, so it’s always a lovely book if it’s all futuristic and alien-y and has lots of gory, bloody deaths. It is quite entertaining to read, as, I’m sure you all have as well, thought about the future and the world past your life. I have too. Which is why I love sci-fi so much. It is a great way to imagine, discover, and mentally conceive and develop thoughts and predictions about the future.

  • What book did you hated?

What book did I hate? Erm. I’m really easy to please, you’ll find. I care a lot more about the story than I do about all these writing elements. They just make it complicated. Often, I don’t ever read books that I didn’t discover by hype and recommendation. Hey, when I wander around the library, I’m not looking for this five-star perfectly plotted, angelic character, flawless writing-book. I’m just looking for a good book, a good story. But VITRO by Jessica Khoury. I’m sorry lady, forget your whole idea. This book was awful and she must leave the idea at once. And I would never recommend it. Just no.


  • What do you drink or eat while you read?

I don’t really eat anything. Maybe I have some tea, or water, or even, if I’m feeling particularly needy, a cup of nice, warm milk. But usually, I snack first and read later. Unless I’m having some chocolate-covered almonds. I should never wait to eat something that yummy.

  • What book you loved that is really underrated?

Again, I have to say the Scorch Trials. I’m sorry. I really liked it, along with the rest of the Mazerunner books, and I don’t get why people don’t like it! They’re really awesome stories. It’s totally worth like a kajillion billion holds in the library.


  • What movies did you like better than the books?

Movies I liked better than the books, or movies that I’ve watched that are based off a book I haven’t read yet or have no intention of reading? 😀 Heh, I’ll go with Mockingjay Part 1. The first part of the book itself was dreadfully boring, and atleast seeing the propos play out in person was slightly more entertaining.

  • When did you started blogging?

I started actively, so actually, blogging in August of 2015. Still got a long way to go on the journey. Let’s see how long I keep up this blog…

  • What books would you like to see become a movie?

Sanctum fumat! Deos, I’ve got a humongous list mostly because I want to see bae (tenfold) on the big screen. I’ll give you two. THE INFERNAL DEVICES HOLY HECK CLOCKWORK ANGEL, and, deos, LEGEND. I must see Day. And they must have put him up there properly. If they didn’t choose the right person, then they are quite the dullard, and also I will go up there myself to their filming studio and show them a bit of my fist. Show me a proper Day. For Day is life, and he is my light, and you’d better make him look it.

God, Will is hot. That’s why he’s bae, isn’t it?

  • What’s your favorite current TV series?

I’ve got three, okay? HAWAII FIVE O. And the ultimatum, CAKE BOSS for deos-loved cakes and other gargantuan yummy stuff. And also, Cupcake Wars. Because Florian is harsh and cupcakes are yummy. Except for when bakers have to put weird stuff in them. Oh, deus knows I would want to be a judge. YUMMY FOOD.

  • Have you ever been tagged for a book tag?

Yes, of course, have you?

  • What movies are you looking forward to in 2016?

FREAKING ALLEGIANT AND GODS OF EGYPT. Sanctum fumat, I am dying inside waiting.

  • Name one fact about yourself.

And this is totally a question!! I’m joking, let’s see, a fact about me: I love public speaking and am good it. Frankly, had it been an opinion about me, I’d have said, deus knows Selena Gomez needs to quit writing songs about her heartbreak. Everyone’s so tired and sick of her still being hellbent over Jelena. GET OVER IT.

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  1. What’s your favorite dessert?
  2. What is one place you wish to visit in the world and why?
  3. What is a book you read solely out of recommendation from another blogger?
  4. What accomplishment are you most proud of? i.e. school, growing up, college, job, blogging
  5. What is one of your hobbies that seems to be very popular? 
  6. What are 5 words you would use to describe you?
  7. Do you play any musical instruments? Do you wish to? What do you play?
  8. What is your favorite game show? 
  9. Are you bilingual/trilingual, etc.? If so what language do you speak?
  10. What is a language you want to learn to speak?
  11. What is one supernatural being (can be from books) that you want to be (or in my case, you are)?

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Everyone who’s read the Infernal Devices! And you, if you wish to do it! And all Shadowhunters!

Everyone I would like to have nominated has already done this before, but if you would like to do this yourself then go ahead, and leave me a link! And if you’ve read the Infernal Devices and love Will to hell and back, then you are more than welcome. And fellow Shadowhunters, consider this a direct nomination!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

Alright! Wow, that was fun. I’ll not be doing a Top Ten today because I don’t have many choices for that–I’ve read 99.99 percent of the books I meant to read in 2015, so overall, it was a successful year for me! Ask Goodreads, or Google. OR HOGWARTS. Sanctum fumat, I’ve really got you all finally knowing I’m a Shadowhunter and a witch and of course, I’ve revealed to you my father is Poseidon. Oh, deos. Ha, listen to that, Perce.

Have you done this tag? are you going to? if you have, leave me a link! has everybody gotten out from their breaks? what is one memorable thing/book/experience of your 2015? and Will or Jem? I don’t know who Tessa ends up with, but I can practically feel the book building up for heartbreak. 

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