The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello! I’m brining to you the Sunshine Blogger Award because I am an Erudite and I appreciate irony, and here up in the Northern hemisphere it is like, 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Brr. Chilly. So in the extreme welcome to my wit, let’s do this award and sparkle and possibly radiate some heat across millions of miles of black matter to reach another planet. And why so ever would I be talking about the sun?

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I was nominated to do this by the loveliest of all lovelies, Jane Eyre! No, actually. That’s quite a joke. I live in more of the 21st century. I was nominated by an equally lovely gal, Jenna from Reading With Jenna || Book Blog. Go check out the blog and smile.

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  1. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

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Just to let you know, I’m super excited to do these questions because they are the coolest of cool.

1. If you had to choose between never reading your favourite book again or never eating your favourite food again, which would you give up?

Never eating my favorite food again. Duh. This ranges from all the varieties of chocolates there can ever be. Hence I will stop eating all chocolates, for I can always have vanilla and butter and lemon cakes and ice creams and such. And besides, did anyone ever expect me to actually never read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again. You’re kidding yourself. And you’re delusional. Seriously.

2. Imagine there’s a massive spider next to you and the only way you could kill it was to hit it with your beautiful, signed and personalised copy of your favourite book. Would you do it, even if it means getting spider guts all over your book?

Absolutely not! One, I wouldn’t ruin the precious book as the Half Blood Prince is SIGNED by J.K. Rowling (theoretically) and therefore I will never get spider guts on my book. The massive spider may not be incredibly welcome to crawl all over me, but I will name it Aragog and then run for my life. Bugs are scary. Especially 8-legged ones. And don’t tell me I can’t run fast enough. I can scale a 9-minute mile. Heck, an 8-minute one. Fine. I know that’s a petty mile time.

3. What is your patronus?

ERMAGERD. THIS IS BEAUTY, IN AND OUT. My patronus is a horse. It must be the obviousest thing ever. I am a daughter of Poseidon, and the sacred animal of Poseidon is a horse, hence my patronus is a horse. Just ask my brother Percy, he’ll tell you. He’ll also make a point that he traveled from hell and back and fought Kronos and Gaea and emerged successful, and try to steal my patronus, but tell him his patronus is a skunk. Oh, Percy. My brother never did smell amazing, you see.

4. What is your favourite book of all time and would you want it to be adapted to film or TV? If there’s already an adaptation, what do you think of it?

The Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince film adaption? It copies the book to a tack. Might I cry. It’s so beautiful; it’s a work of art. And that’s why the majority of my profile photos are of moi holding a copy of that book. Nothing beats it. And I can watch the movie a billion times and still be entertained on the one billion and one time. So yes, I love it.

5. If you were given the chance to attend Hogwarts, but had to kill your favourite Harry Potter character in order to attend, would you do it?

Can I say my favorite Harry Potter character(s) are Crabbe and Goyle and kill them. Ug, fine. That would be the lie of the century. My favorite characters are Hermione and Draco. Well, I have a very lifelike crush on Draco. But, do I HAVE to kill them? Or can I simply ATTEMPT to kill them? Ron will fight me to his last breath if I killed Hermione, but she is my idol. So would I kill my idol to go to Hogwarts? Of course I would. Granted, I’m a Gryffindor, but all Gryffindors have a touch of Slytherin in them. Plus, I’m maddeningly selfish. I am, I’m sorry. It’s a human thing.

6. What is your favourite book that is set in Australia? If you haven’t read one, which one would you like to read?
Click here to check out the Goodreads feed!

Oh, god. This sounds so downright good. Read the overview and tell me if you don’t want to read it right now. If you say so, you are lying.

7. If you could only eat one dessert item for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Pictures please?

Oh, my god, this is so easy to say. BELGIAN CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE. AND BUTTER CAKE. Count this an exception. Just two and no more. For I love these until the death of me. See and be awed and deliriously hungry.

Belgian Chocolate Souffle
Honestly, this is what life is for. THIS IS SO YUMMY I WANT TO CRY. AKA Butter Cake, here it is.
8. If you could meet any blogger right now, who would you choose and why? (Link them, so we can check them out too!)

Hahahahahahahahaa. There is absolutely no way I’m going to answer this question. The honest answer is that I would take my wand and sneakily summon ALL of my blogger friends and followers and acquaintances and have a humongous Shadowhunter party and invite you all. There’s the truth, then.

9. If your most anticipated book of the year came in the mail in very bad condition, and you had to send it back to the seller before they sent you another copy, would you just keep the damaged copy or wait for a replacement? Basically, imagine that you have to either return it that same day or keep it forever.

This depends on how long it takes to get a replacement. But see, I’m clever and awfully good at finding loopholes in questions like this. I would return it the same day, and instead of waiting for my mail to come back, I would simply go to the book store and get it in person, granted it’s not an ARC. And if I must wait for the replacement for too long, I’ll just order another that’s promised to come within a shorter time. See, I’m smart. Which is why I said I’m a Gryffindor with Slytherin fingers and such.

10. Do you have a favourite review that you’ve ever written? Why is it your favourite?

What? A favorite review? OKAY, let’s go with my Eleanor and Park review. That one was damn good. And now, just to make a witty remark, I’ll tell you something. If you had asked me what was my most pathetic review, I would just scoff and tell you off. Yes, I’m that wonderful.

11. Name your top two favourite authors of all time. If they were both doing author events on the same day, at the same time, which would you choose to attend?

J.K. Rowling, my all-time favorite, and currently Sarah J. Maas. I would choose to attend Rowling’s event because she lives in Europe, while I live in the States and so it’ll be hard to get another chance to get an event with her, where Maas lies around in the states, so I can always send one of my munchkins to ask all my questions for me, get a photo with her, have her sign my books, record the event, and attend it. Absolute brilliance. But this is such a good question that I ask YOU, what’s YOUR answer? Hm?

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My Questions:

  1. Imagine Santa Claus isn’t coming to town this year? Who’s going to take the liberty of getting gifts for everyone and putting them under the tree and why?
  2. Imagine your library/bookstore member card and your Netflix/TV account are about to expire for the last time, and you can only replenish your membership on ONE, which one would you choose?
  3. If you were repainting your room/house/dorm, then what color(s)/palette would you choose to use and why?
  4. Through your time at Hogwarts, if you got to CHOOSE what professors you got for which classes, say they’re all experts in them all, who would you choose for Potions, Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, and Herbology?
  5. Where is the one spot on the world you would want to be right now and why?
  6. When you have a family reunion, how do you make special memories?
  7. Who are you supporting in the 2016 USA race to the White House? Why?
  8. What was the best thing you did in your holidays? 
  9. Would you rather live in a boat for the rest of your life or would you rather live in a forest tent for the rest of your life?
  10. What is your favorite season and why?
  11. What is a dessert that you can make easily, or was the first one you made? And what is a dessert that you WISH to make some day?
Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PMPresentation


The majority of the people I was going to nominate have already been tagged or have already done this award, so if you haven’t than go ahead and DO it, because I’m going to nominate everyone who hasn’t done this tag, whoever’s being ironic like me and doing it in the Winter, and whoever’s down in the Southern hemisphere having Summer as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

Whoo! I’m going to do a Sunday Rantings on Clockwork Angel, which I just finished. No doubt that book needs extra display and angelic treatment. Get it? Angelic? Shadowhunters? Angels? Oh, phooey, I LOVE Tessa Gray because she’s not Clary. Clary doesn’t do much except for scream like a baby and Tessa can use her brain to get out of stuff! For example, the Magister at the end of the book!!! Also, I was suspecting that it wasn’t __ _______ and instead the Magister was __. ________. AMAZING BOOK!

Have any of you done this award? leave me a link! do you agree with my answers? do you disagree? why? are you having winter or summer right now? what did you get for XMAS? and finally, are you ready to start 2016 or what?Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.14.59 PM


2 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

    Okay, but this is so interesting. Not many people have Half-Blood Prince as their favorite book, which is funny because I thought that book was amazing. Personally, Deathly Hallows is my favorite but HBP is perhaps a close second. So much stuff goes down in that one. 😀
    Those dessert pictures have me drooling, and it’s all your fault. *cries*

    1. Eughhhhhhhh, I’m so sorry for the late reply 😁 Cringe af tbh
      AHAHAAAA THANK YOUUU AIMAL. Well, I like the Half Blood Prince because it’s green and that’s my favorite color, but I also do really like finding out more about Voldemort. And honestly, that ending never fails to scare me with the lake of Inferi. Which I have no clue how to pronounce. Is it in-fair-ee or in-fair-eye?! Everyone loves the Deathly Hallows because Voldemort’s defeated and it’s an all around perfect book but aside from that, HPB is awesome. All my friends love the fourth one though, because of the tournament, but I hate the ending, so. I guess I’m unique ? 😂😂
      Hey, that’s what I’m here for–torturing you with pictures of yummy things. Obviously. 😝

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