Top Five Wednesday: The Top Five Books That I Will Refrain From Hugging And Never Letting Go After Being Thankful For Them

So you may or may not have noticed that I possibly changed my background and title thingamabobber. I sort of changed it up because I, well, found a new color scheme that I love and I want you to tell me what you think!! What do you think of it?? I tried to make it bright and all, and I love the orange because it’s noticeable but smooth and also, um, Peeta. I may or may not be dying from having not seen Mockingjay II yet. But whatever, let’s do this thing first. You know, being thankful and all for THE AWESOMENESS CALLED BOOKS. 

Top Five Wednesday is super easy to participate in, everyone! The prompt is provided by Gingerreadslainey on Youtube. You just post your top five for the prompt she tells you! You have to put in five books or series’ that you are thankful for! Simple, right? So let’s go, then!
This week’s Top Five Wednesday is all about being thankful as Thanksgiving is on the morrow, yes? I am so excited for this event because of the said fact, Thanksgiving is on the morrow, which is why this great event of Top Five Wednesday is bringing me so much cheer. I am an American, and I do celebrate Thanksgiving! I love the pumpkin pie, but I am a vegetarian, so no turkey for me and I am good with that. Oh, and about the pumpkin pie, I have indeed found a successor to that. LEMON MERINGUE PIE!!!!! It i s so delicious, so you have to try it! Let’s start off right now! 

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1. Hunger Games (!!)


The Hunger Games will always remain in my heart. It is one of the early books I read when I started reading YA, right after finishing Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and all, and it introduced me to the awesomeness of YA.

2. Harry Potter


Harry Potter will be with me forever. ‘Nuff said.

3. Legend


Legend was so awesome guys! So if you haven’t read it, then I condemn you to the land of books without break to read this. I’m not going to nag anymore, because you’ve heard me endlessly talk about Day and finally, finally, I think I’ve said everything I got. (Probably not.)

4. Throne of Glass


I finally caught up with everyone who was talking about all of the Throne of Glass awesomeness and now I’ve been caught up in there in the smack dab middle, because it truly was an amazing journey through the first one, and I can’t wait to finish the rest of them!!

5. Percy Jackson, HoO, KC


All of these series’ get to go to you in one package because they are all written by the same author. I loved them so much! And that could be partially because I am a daughter of Poseidon, and of course, that Perce is my brother, and Poseidon is my dear old dad.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.01.23 PM

Hope you enjoyed! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Agree with me? Disagree? What are your favorites? Did you do a T5W? Leave me a link!

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8 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: The Top Five Books That I Will Refrain From Hugging And Never Letting Go After Being Thankful For Them

    1. Hello sister! Yes, of course!! We can create tidal waves together, yeah? I have started Gregor the Overlander and I love the world!! The world of all the bugs being bigger than humans and the rats and rivers is so cool. And Boots. Gregor’s sister totally has to remind me of Boots from Dora. 😛

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