Be Thankful Challenge

THANK YOU FOREVER ANETA @ ANETA QUINN!! YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY! Aneta has a fan-tas-tic blog and, seriously, you had better go check it out. As in, now. (Or maybe after reading my amazing post)

So if you’re reading this, you haven’t checked Aneta’s blog yet. Um, hello. Did my instructions mean anything to you?? Okay, I’m joking, you may graciously devour my post first and head on over to her blog. Yeah? Okay, sounds good.

I can’t wait to do this! .

The Rules
– Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
– Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
– Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part 

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Forever, I’ll be looking only for you,
You’re the one who makes my dreams come true,
Baby, my heart is beating only for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah ❤ 

I am thankful for SO many people; it’s going to be hard to just list five! Which means, I’ll be listing groups or more than one person for each bullet point. 😀

1. Mum and Dad 

Mum and dad, (says Ron with the english accent). I am so thankful for my parents! They are always supporting me and they are the light that I look to for help when I’m in the dark. I know that everyone is thankful for their parents, but I’m not trying to stand out. I’m trying to show how much I appreciate my parents and everything they do for me.

2. Marie Lu & Day

Does it matter if I’ve never met her one on one? Hehe. Yes, I am so DARNED thankful for Marie Lu. This angelic author completely and totally grabbed my heart with Legend and she’s doing it again with the Young Elites. Thank you for giving me Day. He is perfection. Need I say more?

3. My best friends

I have a lot of best friends, a lot, in the sense of the common referral being (singularly) ‘best friend’. Meaning more than one is counted as a lot right, because the initial referral is singular tense, not plural. Did that make any sense? I have, like, 10 best friends and they are the dearest people to me because, honestly they are there EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that is who a best friend is. I am so thankful to have them, and I know am I a lucky person.

4. Apple Staff

(The Apple staff aren’t things, right? They’re people) If I didn’t list this company, the world would SHATTER. I do everything on my Macbook, especially blogging, so thank you! I do so much on my iPad, and it’s for me to have fun! I play word search and do other stuff on the iPhone. Thank you Apple, for giving me something to consume my time, and thank you, because so many friendships would not have been made without you guys!

5. Fifth Harmony

For giving me lovely songs to listen to when I feel monotone.

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Never let the things you WANT 
Make you forget the things you HAVE

I am thankful for so many things in my life, because I know that I am fortunate and have so many great things in my life!


Um, hello. Isn’t it obvious already? I’m sorry Aneta, I must steal this from you. I am thankful for WordPress for giving me lovely blogger besties, and wonderful readers who are ALWAYS reliable to talk to me when I am in dire need of good conversation. I love all of you!! And especially, you, reader, who is reading this! I am thankful for you because you make someone’s day brighter, you put a smile on someone’s face and that is one of the best things you can do. Thank you for being there!  THANK YOU WORDPRESS! And it doesn’t get better than this!

2. Palazzo Pants

For giving me the most comfortable day in the world. Palazzo pants are lovely and my pair are a lovely vibrant aztec pattern, super bright, unique, and most of all, comfortable.

3. Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils make my life SO much easier. I can NOT survive without them. I hate regular pencils because they can’t be relied on for a long time and these have finer points, and my handwriting is *fans face* gorgeous. If I do say so myself.

4. Hair ties

Am I starting to sound selfish? I’m sorry. The previous ones listed are all receiving my gratitude because they benefit me. Including this one. So, sorry. I guess I’m selfish. It’s a, you know, human thing. I know, I was shocked too to find out! How could this be happening to me! I am everything but humane! *shakes head* No, I’m sorry. I’m human. I can’t do anything about it. Anyways, yes, hair ties, thank god these things exist. My hair is like *whoosh* super long, because I’m going to donate it. And it is so long and it is so irritating if it gets in my face, so hair ties are a godsend for me.

5. Blue 

My pet fish, a betta fish (say betta, it rhymes with Veda, ha ha) is one of my pals. Her name is Blue and I’ve had her for 1.5 years, and I’ve killed time by making decorations for her tank or trying to teach her tricks. The lifespan of a betta fish (in captivity, meaning, adopted) is 2 years, so I’m observing her more. She hasn’t been eating her food recently, for the past few days, just saying. This is such a letdown because I do NOT want my Blue to leave me. Wishing on stars an eyelashes alike that she will get better. (Is my relationship with a nonhuman living thing being a little weird? Sorry not sorry, you have no heart if you don’t have a relationship with your pets)

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.42.20 AM

My love for you is

My Nominees:

Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner

Victoria @ Addlepates and Booknerds

Summer @ Xingsings

The Bibliotheque

Morgan @ The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student

You guys please feel free not to do this challenge, BUT I would absolutely love to see your answers if you did! Make sure you leave me a link to them if you do the challenge. Lots of love, guys!




Let me know! Let’s talk!

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12 thoughts on “Be Thankful Challenge

  1. Thanks for the tag, Veda! I usually like to do my tags/awards in chronological order but looks like I’ll be pushing to do this one for this month because of Thanksgiving. We share similarities with the people and things we’re thankful for. My family and friends are at the top but I also am so grateful to find this blogging community, too. And hair ties is a must since my hair is long!

    1. Your welcome!
      It would be perfect to do this tag earlier this month because Thanksgiving is so close! Perfect timing
      I’m glad we are both thankful for those things! They are little things, but very important. Oh, and yes, hair ties. 😀

      Thanks for reading this Summer!

  2. Thanks for the nomination! This is so sweet, I absolutely love it 🙂 It is cliche to thank your parents, but they deserve it. And being selfish is definitely okay; they’re all great things to have in life!

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