Top Ten Tuesday: The Result of a Book Maniac Like Me Getting a Book Genie (GREAT idea, dear genie)

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Whilst dealing with a book genie, you must be careful not to take advantage of them. They are magical people just like you, so be kind, Veda! Says the ‘nice’ part of my brain. The other parts of me, however, elect to disagree. This arguement played out violently, and my evilness won. So, no surprise. The ‘peace’ brain cells didn’t stand a chance.

Suddenly, the clouds got lighter and the sun became brighter. The flowers swayed in the breeze comfortably, and the birds sang their love, all as angelic radiance lit up the world when she stepped out and about. She used her magic, since she is a witch and a daughter of Poseidon, to create a book genie out of nothing but pure intelligence and water from her dad. The book genie appeared, but soon enough he had a mind of his own. His brain cells rebelled. He told the lovely, perfect Veda that he would only grant her….


(Veda would have taken advantage of this genie, but don’t forget the fact that he threatened to transfer into an agent of Kronos. Dad would have NOT approved. Just so you know.) 

Here goes my ten bookish wishes, to this genie that I magically conjured, this genie whom seems a bit dull in the head, if you ask me. He should have been summoned by someone else and his life would have been saved. Oh well. Can’t stop it now. 😀

1. The ability to control minds

Does this even count as a bookish wish? I read people’s Top Ten Tuesdays today where they wished for more money to buy more books, so I guess the initial wish doesn’t have to be bookish but the reason behind it has to be. Therefore, I present to you my first bookish wish!

I want to control minds so that I darken the doorstep of the publishers of my favorite series’, the Legend trilogy, Harry Potter, and Kane Chronicles are just some, you have to remember that. I would happily give them a cloudy day and control their minds so they end up

  1. Giving me free editions of the books I so love (It is not stealing! Or, in this case, it is called ‘so lost in your love for books that you can’t even control your own mind–so what about my wish, huh? 😛 )
  2. Publishing MY very own book after so graciously offering to give me a free editorial team!! *squeal*


Combining the three stuff I love most, books, fro-yo, and chocolate.

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SO YUMMY. CHOCOLATE BOOK. Oh, and the chocolate chip cookie.

Edible books would be amazing because they are chocolate, and books. And you get to read Harry Potter while biting on the ‘Lun’ of Luna of Lovegood. AHHHHH

Really. Wouldn’t it be great to be, like, reading, and, like, eating chocolate? Tell me one person who doesn’t love both. ONE PERSON.

I know you guys are gaping at me like, “Veda! How dare you eat a book! You didn’t even give us a crumb!” But, my friends, that is the furtive secret agent Veda you have just met. The furtive secret agent Veda who enjoys chocolate books wrapped in foil and has the cookie monster FROM SESAME STREET as a friend, apparently. Yup. That’s me.

Or the majority of you are like *sobbing* “How could you–sob–eat the printed word, Veda?!” This is where my next wish comes in.

3. Multiple copies of each book

One should be a complementary chocolate one, and others should be ones that come with like, cake, and fries, and sandwiches, and pizza, and you can tell I’m a foodie by now, can’t you? Also, they should have, like, SPECIAL EDITION SPECIALLY FOR VEDA, and fine, other bookworms I guess. I AMEND. Bookdragons. Amen, Cait [Paper Fury]. You did it with ‘bookdragons’.

I think it would be absolutely amazing to have multiple copies because everyone has backups if they lose it, and they get more teddy bears to hug at night. (is that creepy?)

4. Talking picture books

I need a book in my life, okay?! So, I’m going to collect a bunch of kids picture books, like the Day the Crayons Quit, and BAM! I automatically have new crayon friends! They will be so helpful in teaching me the colors of the, you know, crayon box. 😛 Oh, and the rainbow, I guess. Also, you know in Harry Potter, there are illustrations for every NEW chapter? Well, guess what, mama just got some new friends called Mary GrandPre’s illustrations. Yo. Talk to me.


Not, like, mentally, the way we all do, but physically. For example, before SPOILER ABOUT HARRY POTTER Snape kills Dumbledore, i can whip that wand out of his hand! Will it be automatically replaced? Or something like that? Who cares? I just stole his wand. 😀 😀 But if it majorly messes up the plot, then, hands down, I’m submerging my whole body in that freaking work of art! *sly face*

6. Get book characters to do my bidding

*cringe* I’m really starting to sound evil now, aren’t I? I would be so joyed if Voldemort bowed to me, and was all like, “Your wish is my command. Yes, I will forever spend my time in the kitchens baking interesting flavored cakes and chocolates for you.” Ahem. Dentist, please shield eyes.


I would also use these characters to demolish my mortal enemy. A shame, a mortal picking a fight with the Daughter of Poseidon. Tsk tsk. (I’m joking)

This would be so fun, because I could entirely make the story my own, and that is why I find writing fun! Because I create new worlds, people, stories, and they all do MY bidding, or whatever I have planned them out to do.

7. Get book pets

I WANT A HIPPOGRIFF AND A PHOENIX AND A SNOWY OWL AND I WANT BUTTERCUP THE CAT. I adore animals, I feel like us humans are equal with animals. THIS IS ME RANTING YOU MAY SKIP IF YOU LIKE [The animals never do anything to us, and we eat them! Nothing should have to lose its life for our benefit! Every living creature deserves a life. Imagine if suddenly, you went from your cozy home to being roasted on a pan! And plus, the salmon you had for lunch today–it was once living. Meaning, it once had a family, parents, siblings, grandparents, and then after it grew up, it had kids, maybe grandkids, and it had to lose its LIFE for your nutrition.]

8. The pen is MINE

I want autographs from the author on all of those gorgeous lovely things I own called books. I want the Legend trilogy signed by Marie Lu, and the Grisha by Leigh Bardugo, and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling!!!! And so on, and so forth. Wouldn’t this be wonderful? It’s called ‘the art of creating wishes to make your friends and family intensely jealous of you’.

9. To follow all book blogs 

I want to do this so badly! I would love to follow all the book blogs and show my appreciation for what they do! They are making someone’s day by recommending an awesome book that would totally put a smile to a face. So a big thank you to all book bloggers and bloggers in general, for providing a great source for hiding out on the internet and entertaining us! Lots ‘a loves! The fact that I could follow someone’s blog would be amazing because I would be able to discover more books, and I have made more friends.

10. To become a kick-butt protagonist of a book whose author is from a parallel dimension and finds my life very interesting

LAST WISH. NO. I’M MELTING. MELTING!!!! Anyways, I would adore being the protagonist of a book! Usually, protagonists are looked up to, and they are also greatly appreciated in the bookosphere. I would be having so much fun if I was in one of those cool YA novels that was MY LIFE STORY, though I find it quite boring. What do you say? Do you think that would be interesting? 

Imagine….even as I am blogging this post, a writer from another dimension is watching me, finding my life interesting, writing it down, in fact, writing the fact down that I have this suspicion!! Creepy, cool, and macho amazing all at the same.

So there was my super long Top Ten Tuesday. I am so sorry it was so long! If you are reading this, you just fared through the end. HIGH FIVE. I will ask my super magic genie to grant you the wish of amazingness and success in reading. If you don’t already have that already, I mean. 🙂





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