The One

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Basic Info:

Title: The One

Author: Kiera Cass

Genre: YA Romance/ Dystopian

Paperback price: $9.99

Preceded by: The Elite

Followed by: The Heir


This book was easily the best in the whole series. With America finally making up her mind about who she loved, you don’t have to endure anymore of her blabbing about her love for both Aspen and Maxon. Now she loves Maxon and she wants to be Selected, so the One grabbed a lot more attention, it was fast-paced, and I absolutely loved it.

The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she’ll have to fight for the future she wants.



Easily, like I said, easily, this is the best book in the series, and I forgave Kiera Cass for all of her stumbling because she gave me a great story in the One. The rebels made oh-so-much-more sense in this book, the Southern rebels meant to destroy, the Northern Rebels meant to disrupt, and they only wanted the castes to be dissolved, like America said.

In this amazing book, more obstacles are thrown in America’s way. Maxon finds himself loving other girls too, especially Kriss, and America is jealous. It is obvious, and it is a little more entertaining to see America actually acting like a girl. The book opens with America trying to be provocative towards Maxon, which turns out a big failure. It is hilarious. America is described wearing  a “trashy” dress and by the end of it all, Maxon is laughing his head off. Honestly, I jeered and clapped. This was, maybe, the most hilarious part in the whole series. *stifles laugh*

It turns out that the rebel attacks from the Northern rebels aren’t just attacks; the Northern rebels want Maxon to choose America as his wife. At this point, Maxon gets a temper and yells about how this is “his life” and I felt sad with America, because at this point, I could relate to her a lot easier.

America’s perspective in this book was thoroughly changed. Lots of relationships formed throughout the book, strong bonds were tested to remain intact, and America had a fresh view on everybody she ever knew. All the imperfections come together to create a wonderful book that is worth the time. Celeste, the diva, becomes America’s friend after America witnesses Celeste crying, and understands her situation. They become friends so strong, all the Elite, that is described that America knew that she would contact these girls no matter if she got selected or not. I loved it. I loved the friendliness.

Queen Amberly was so much more, more, more, in this book. At one point, all the Elite join together to have a girl’s day, and even Queen Amberly is included. At a point in this celebration, America comes over with a hairbrush and offers to brush Queen Amberly’s hair and she subjects to it. America jokes lightly by saying “Yes, mom,” but Queen Amberly, who had three miscarriages, does not take it lightly. America rights herslef with “ma’am”, but Queen Amberly says that it would be alright if America called her “Mom”, especially if things turned out the way Queen Amberly thought they would, which was obvious that Queen Amberly thought Maxon would choose America.

Through this all, there is finally loss, and that too, a very touching one. It is the loss of America’s father, and when she visits her home with Aspen and one of her maids Lucy for her father’s burial, she finds even family bonds are tested. Kota, her eldest brother, disrespects her father, because Kota is not pleased with his father’s caste, and wants to buy himself up the castes. America, you see now, has developed into quite the lady. She has the grit and the integrity and right perspective to stand up to her brother, and give him a good scolding. This just makes you feel like America would be a very good Queen.

Throughout the book, there is a part where America and Maxon get really intense, and you know Maxon will pick America, but that thread is broken very quickly, when they are caught by Aspen. He accuses America of her doing, and of course, she is trying to keep her friendship with Aspen and she stutters out an “I didn’t, I don’t” or something to Aspen’s accusation, and Maxon is right there. He hears it all. And they are broken so quickly, it is shocking and hurtful. This America Singer, who’s solution to everything was resorting to crying, actually touched you at this point.

She loved Maxon, it was so obvious. I thought that it was very well-written, with just the right amount of emotion. Maxon feels betrayed and says he’ll pick Kriss and he doesn’t care for her anymore, and she is close to tears, but he doesn’t care. He tells her to put on a smile and keep it there and when she is out of the palace can she cry. I wanted to slap him, how powerful Cass’s writing was here. During the part where Maxon is supposed to declare Kriss his choice, the Southern rebels attack. Celeste is killed, and so as many others. America is targeted, and Maxon jumps across and takes a bullet to his shoulder, or somewhere close to his arm, and that proves how much he loves her.

Now Maxon thinks he is dying, and he tells her he loves her. America is taken by Aspen to another safe room to wait out the attack and Aspen gives her a gun “in case” and she uses it to fire at a rebel who was about to shoot at Aspen, and though she misses, she gives Aspen the momentum to save himself.

Finally, at the end of the attack, the palace barely makes it through because the angelic Northern rebels interfered. At first, America thinks Maxon is dead, but Aspen, shot in the leg, tells her he isn’t. Then Lucy appears, and Aspen and Lucy kiss, and America thinks that the relationship is perfect. Then she finds Maxon, and he proposes, and she agrees.

The book ends with her and Maxon’s wedding, right as Aspen walks her down the aisle and places her hand in Maxon’s. America says:

This isn’t happily ever after. This is so much more than that. 


This book was beautiful, like a work of art, and it was a masterpiece. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend the series to anyone who loves a read that will leave you with a bang!

I can’t wait to read the Heir!

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