The Elite

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The second book in the Selection series; I don’t think it is better or worse.

America takes an awful lot of time dragging on and on about how she cannot stand to choose between Maxon and Aspen. I felt like a slug, moving slower than sluggish. The rebels continued to pop in unexpectedly, and America continues to displease the king and be naive and selfish. So. The usual.

The Selection began with thirty-five girls.
Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon’s heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen?

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America’s chance to choose is about to slip away.

America Singer, make a choice! This book was somewhat more vivid then the others. America’s feelings were infuriating in this book. Aspen, or Maxon? I don’t care! Choose! America took up nearly 300 pages dragging on and on about how she still had feelings for Aspen and she didn’t want to pick Maxon so soon. Maxon was the only person I could stand. But still, not quite. He continued to love America even after she did everything that I think is possible to seem like she doesn’t love him.


Kiera Cass, please, why are you trying to make America into something she is so not?

I felt this book was very slow. A lot of it was just narration on America’s feelings. However, the only action was the rebel attacks, and there was a lot of new information where princess-training was involved. The princesses had training as to how to prepare the palace for guests, and it involved choosing decoration, food, flowers, drinks, and the theme over all. The Elite were given a time limit as to preparing for guests.

When the guests did come, however, I felt like the Italians were one of the good things in th ebook. Vague, but strong, and they differed from the other characters in the book. Princess Nicoletta, the itaian princess was my favorite character by far. She proved to be a loyal friend, and she was very warm, and she was so kind to America, I knew America did not deserve it.

One of the strongest parts of the book, the parts where you thought of America as a good protagonist, was when Marlee and Officer Woodwork got a caning (basically a whipping, exactly what happens in Catching Fire) because they were caught in love. America was forced to watch in person with so many others, and when it happened, she fought for her friend. She faught the guards to get to Marlee and try to stop the caning. From this point on, it was easier for me to relate to America. Yes, she acted rashly, but she also did what was right with a second thought.

Another interesting part of this story was the part where the Elite had to come up with an individual project that they woul carry out if they were selected queen. I thought that this book had some pros as opposed to the Selection. America, however, makes a stunning choice for a project which I greatly approved. America wanted to dissolve the castes, to create equality between everyone in the country. Kiera Cass made up for all of America’s unrealness and unkndness in this part. You found out about how deeply America cared for her country, and it was one of the better qualities you see in a protagonist.

However, of course, the King is furious and demands Maxon throw America out. This part was actually touching. Maxon refused to, and the King was about to force America to talk to him in private, when Maxon interfered, knowing what would happen, and went with his father. When Maxon comes out to talk to America, BAM! there is a rebel attack. You see Maxon is struggling to walk and he is holding a box full of something, and he cannot make it to the royals hideout. America and him hide in a servants hideout while the guards fight the rebels. Then it is revealed that the King had whipped Maxon and Maxon had a severa gash across his back. America, of course, ends up bandaging and cleaning it. And then *clears throat*

In the end, America is about to leave the palace when Maxon tells her that she is allowed to stay, because he told the king that she saved him in the rebel attack. Only now does America realize how much she wants Maxon, and finally, she decides to start trying, which may make the One a much better story.


This book had its ups and downs, but it was not better than or worse than the Selection. I felt like the characters who were introduced newly deeply affected my opinion, and I also found it more easy to read from America’s eye, found it more familiar.

I didn’t like when she dragged about how she had feelings for both boys, this love triangle was too unreal and snobby, and with all the other Elite Maxon was dating as well, the hwole thing became a complicated make-out fest. How strange.

So this book was the sequel to The Selection. It quite really made me hope for the One to be better. Kiera Cass, end America’s Selection with a good story.

Lots of love and books,

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